Earth back on axis? Check. Mercury in retrograde? Not today (apparently)

tahqriverActually there are some people who say that Mercury cannot *be* in retrograde, at least not from the perspective of a person on the earth. I am suuuuuure that I remember Mr. Schultz teaching us about retrograde motion in our physics class astronomy unit and I am almost positive that Mercury was one of the planets that exhibited perceived retrograde motion. Mr. Shultz was a wonderful teacher. He even got yer fav-o-rite blahgger reading articles in Scientific American. And yes, contrary to popular belief, she could actually understand them. Mostly…

One of the things I remember the best about Mr. Shultz is the day that my class of high-achievers (even me who spent my teen years trying to downplay any scrap of intelligence I happened to be blessed with) came to his class after our previous class, trigonometry. Every day we traversed from trig to physics. That day… Our also wonderful trig teacher, Mr. K, threw Stuart across the room. I fergit what Stuart did that day. He was definitely not someone who normally mouthed off but I think he did that day. Mr. K had probably had enough of the “general math” students he taught in other classes telling him things like, “I ain’t gonna be no milk man and I ain’t gonna do no milk man problem on the board”, and he cracked and threw Stuart across the room. I was just kind of like, “well these things happen” but a good friend of mine was very upset and told Mr. Schultz about it when we went to physics. Mr. S. assuaged her concerns by, “Oh, he probably just had a fight with his wife this morning.” That was in 1972. A wonderful and encouraging math teacher like Mr. K would be [wrongfully] fired for that these days — *Stuart* apologized and made it clear that he was in the wrong. And Mr. S. may have faced disciplinary action for reassuring students that the earth was back on axis and Mercury was not in retrograde.

You guys? Let’s not do this stooopid shutdown thing again. I am sick and tired of Congress lurching from crisis to crisis. Yes. I agree with Obama about that. I once worked for a certain theatre organization that operated by lurching from crisis to crisis. Very small potatoes compared to the United Snakes of America federal government but I do know the drill. That method of doing business is not a good thing. Smaller government? I am not the extreme left-wing radical that some people might think I am. I actually do believe (like the damn tea baggers) in smaller government. But holding 800,000 federal employees and I dunno how many times that number of contractors and peripheral businesses hostage for that vague goal is not how to achieve it. I guess I don’t really think that small government is even the tea baggers’ goal but I will not post what I really think about that on my blahg. Sorry.

2 Responses to “Earth back on axis? Check. Mercury in retrograde? Not today (apparently)”

  1. Sam Says:

    Love the every-once-in-a-while KW wisdom-dump posts, and hope it dissipates negative energy…leaving room for beautiful sunrises and stuff like that…. Soooo glad our federal financials are back online…and all that that implies.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I too am exhausted by these crises. Can’t we be creative problem solvers and work things out? We apparently elected a group of 3 year olds to Congress.