deep in the darkest hour of a very heavy week…

oscartangoI am taaaarrrred tonight. Too taaarrred to monkey around with stoopid tech stuff. Like why aren’t my most recent photoooo stream photos getting over to my MacBook. And why won’t this stinky little YouTube video plaaayyyy. I mean I like the song (and Seatrain) but the video is not loading for me at all. Whatever. I know the lyrics. Or some of them anyway. The first line and the chorus. I remember that song from riding in the Piedmont VW late at night. I would often get to ride with the Piedy girls when they drove their cousin from the moomincabin to her parents’ house in Sault Ste. Siberia. I think that VW (and most of the vee-hickles we all drove then) only had AM radio and that song (and a few others) would sometimes come on in between “20/20 news news news!” and The Archies and Hamm’s beer commercials (“From the land of sky blue wa-a-ter”) and whatever else.

Okay, I r-r-re-a-started my MacBook and now the video loads. So this has been a weird period of time and the GG went back to work yesterday but not today but that wasn’t because he was furloughed, it was because he usually doesn’t work on Fridays. We did a goofed-up version of our usual meetup at the Oscar Tango but he was driving in from 50 miles away or so (long story) and I got there first (and late) and we were forced to sit at the bar instead of our usual table. All I have to say is that The Planet Ann Arbor was slammed tonight! We paid a visit to Mouse at her place of employment and none other than Goose and her dad popped in while we were there! So fun! Remembering those dark, wet, xmas vacay type days when Mouse and Goose were in middle school and they did back-to-back sleepovers until they were totally sick of each other and then, after an hour or so of separation, they would be back over here watching videos in the bedroom. Bagawk! Bagawk! Bagawk! Or they’d be at Goose’s house calling Lizard Breath asking her to drive bacon over to them, a block or so away…

And then the GG had a rather strange idea that would’ve involved me driving him back downtown for a few minutes. Town was absolutely crazed tonight and I totally REFUSED!!! [Please do NOT shut the gov’t down again any time soon! It has made the GG cray-zee!] So he went by himself and I sat here with my fingers crossed that he would not get arrested for being weird or whatever. Of course, there is a feetsball game going on tomorrow so I’m sure the po-leese have much bigger fish to fry than the GG being harmlessly weird.

Anyway. Did you seeeee the moooon tooo-night???? Good night,

3 Responses to “deep in the darkest hour of a very heavy week…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would have refused too. TOO many people and too much traffic make me stressed. Who needs that? Glad the GG is back to work though. Get some rest.

  2. Sam Says:

    I found the moon stunning, show-stopping, and such an eye-teaseā€¦so I put it on the blahg.

  3. Tonya Says:

    The moon followed us to Harstine tonight, dipping in and out of the fog. At times it would flicker through the trees like a strobe light in the cab of our truck. It was gorgeous! By the way, since I got my new iPhone 5s, Photo Stream WILL NOT WORK. Absolutely refuses to transfer the photos to my laptop. I have no idea why, or what to do about it.