Birthday fishes

lizselfportraitSo, it is not Lizard Breath’s birthday for another few days but our “bi-coastal” beach urchin will be on the left coast for her actual birthday. (Whaddya mean, the Great Lakes shoreline is not a coast?)

We have a small, scattered little family these days, so instead of planning some kind of big celebration, we made an expotition to Detroit. Lemme see… Breakfast at the Brooklyn Street Local and a trip to the Eastern Market. It was cold and rainy and ugly so we took a little jog up to Royal Oak to Haberman’s Fabrics so Mouse could buy fabric for a costume and I marveled that Ervin has built a flute house right next to Haberman’s. Dropped Mouse off and the rest of us went a couple of blocks down to one of my fave grokkery stores, the Holiday Market. After all of that, Woodward back down to Lizard’s place in Detroit, where the GG messed around with her computer a bit and I helped chop veggies for a lasagne dinner she is making tonight. Then home…

Gifts? I’ve been wracking my brain this year. Many years into my adulthood, The Commander would send a box of small but very carefully selected items that were either beautiful or useful or both on my birthday. I don’t remember exactly the point at which that became overwhelming for her to do but it was probably about at the point that I was starting to deacquisition stuff. No, Moom, I don’t need anything. For a few more years she would still send a bit of money whether or not I needed it.

I have not bought anything (yet) for Liz’s birthday. I jumped the shark on birthday presents long ago. My kids have seen my attempts (and those of others in the family) to de-hoard and neither of them want me to send them a whole bunch of crap to jam into their apartments. When I do give them material gifts it is always with the caveat that they can re-gift or donate or whatever. I will not EVER expect to see any of my gifts used in their homes.

So, today. What did I do to gift my child on her not-quite-yet birthday? I washed the dishes. What else? There were maybe *two* dishes to be washed. But I am meeeee and I saw them right away. I didn’t wash them until the GG said something like, “Your mom is *sitting* without something to do. That is not her natural state. Can she do your dishes?” And so I did. I think that Bolette was there with me down in Liz’s beautiful apartment in Detroit… Later on I (as previously stated) helped chop veggies for lasagne. Keep yer moom busy and she will be happy!

That photooo is a piece that I snagged outta The Commander’s house. It is a self-portrait of that Lizard Breath made of herself at school. It was a prodject that was supposed to be a gift and, as Liz said, if she was supposed to give someone a gift, it would be her Grandma. And the apron to the right of the self portrait was one The Comm made and gave to Liz.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    The special personal gifts are the best and it’s hard to get rid of them. I can’t do it anyway!!