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lymeloungedrivewayLemme see… A morning of chores followed by an expotition very much different than yesterday’s urban exploration, except that we hopped on and off the I94 18-wheel Clogway a few times. In this expotition, we traversed a long and winding road through fall color along the glacial moraine that runs on and off north of the Clogway.

What was the purpose of this trip? Of course there was a purpose. Our western end point was a park-and-ride lot on I69 just south of the Clogway. It was there that we met up with the Uncly Uncle to pick up the Lyme Lounge and haul it back to the Planet Ann Arbor for another week or two or whatever until it travels up to Gaylord for the winter. The Uncly Uncle and TBGay took the Lyme Lounge down to an event in Indiana involving their newest grandchild. The Lyme Lounge is not fancy but it can be handy if you want to visit someone but don’t want them to have to make a special place for you to sleep, adding to whatever chaos is going on in their house.

So, we were meeting up with the UU to pick up the LL and I was juggling my purse, phone, keys, brush (yes) and I dunno what else at the park-and-ride lot and ceee-rash! went my iPhone on to the pavement, unprotected. Yes, the whole back was cracked up. I didn’t take a picture. I’ve been grousing at the GG for keeping a whole bunch of crap in the Frog Hopper. Today? It didn’t take him a whole lot of time to find the duct tape. And that means that my phone is usable. Not that it *wasn’t* usable anyway, just that I didn’t want microscopic little bits of glass to get into my flute / systems analyst fingers.

There are a couple odd things about this event. One is that a relative did the same thing I did a couple weeks ago. I texted her immediately today, even before I made a “genius” bar appointment for tomorrow morning (and I did that *in* that park-and-ride lot). You are not alone! The other is that I have recently had a recurrent (prescient?) dream in which my iPhone breaks in half horizontally (like a pair of Chaco sandals of mine did a few years ago). I had that dream last night. I was desperately trying to call someone and I was having to hold the two pieces of phone together to make the call. The phone would open up and show all the apps but the call wouldn’t go through. Of *course* in real life, a cut-in-half iPhone would be totally dead! But. Throughout my life, I have often been plagued with phone dreams. Dialing old black rotary phones or push-button phones or whatever. I couldn’t get through to whoever I was calling. I wonder if this is just the 21st century version of those dreams. In those days, it was usually my parents I was trying to call (the Dillon house phone line was *always* problematical). I hope that I am not trying to call the other side [insert error aminal here].

Anyway, we picked up the Lyme Lounge and headed back to The Planet Ann Arbor by way of the Haehnle Audubon Sanctuary, where sandhill cranes (and occasionally whooping cranes) descend for the night after feeding in area farm fields. We saw some of those cranes in farm fields on our trip over.

I have some old 8mm films that I want to transfer to a digital format. I’m not sure how interesting they are but I don’t care. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? I definitely expect to pay someone else to do this and I have done some minimal web research but…

We’re eating in the Lyme Lounge tonight. In our DRIVEWAY! This is so much fun!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My younger daughter showed me the back of her iPhone(which also has cracks in it) and asked me, “WHO makes a phone out of glass??” She loves it, but really? Maybe I should rethink this phone decision.