Batching parameters for the fungus amungus

fungusThere aren’t any sharks around these parts that I know of (except for, oh you know, the one in the pond in my back yard) but there is a 20-pound carp in town and he is running for city council. I wish I could vote for him but I live in the 5th ward and he is running in the 4th ward. I am reasonably satisfied with the 5th ward incumbent so I suppose I will vote for him although there are a couple of write-ins (homo sapiens entities) also running. At least my man is not just another shill for the mayor’s agenda. I dunno if “shill” is exactly the right word here but it is close and after a day of pickity wordsmithing, I have no stamina left for discerning 50 shades of meaning.

Batching by things like account number and customer ID and service type is tricky enough and my most recent spec is a challenge to write and organize. It’s okay. I asked for it. I cannot even imagine how to batch moss and fungus and trees and rocks, etc. I’ve done enough data base design to know how hard it is to even work with basic things like name and address, etc. Like back when I was a PTO treasurer and kept track of the kid’s address plus the parent(s) address(es)… And names? I gathered all that stuff from all the forms and checks and whatever that came my way and when people wanted to know something like, “who is this person?” they knew to call email me and I would usually be able to quickly find out which kid that person was attached to, however loosely. As I write this, I am freaking myself out a little bit. That was back in the world wide web’s wild wild west days when a lot of folks didn’t have email and/or a fast web connection. I wonder what kind of policies have been developed to keep a nerdy PTO treasurer from storing information about people. And no, I don’t have any of that stuff any more. I couldn’t care less about old PTO treasury records and they are gone and don’t anybody bother me about them. Or I’ll sic my shark on you!

And then the GG came home and he had actually *noticed* what the gas prices were at no less than three gas stations. He did need gas. I was kinda like, “where’s the punchline here?” It finally came out that the new station at the intersection just north of us was much cheaper than whatever other ones he checked out. I said, “Okay go get me some gas” but he didn’t. In the grand scheme of things, the price of gas fluctuates constantly, sometimes for valid reasons, sometimes not. I don’t EVER look at the price of gas. If I need gas, I buy it. Of course, I am driving a Honda Civic but *my* Civic prefers that [more] expensive mid-grade gas. The GG thinks I am a spendthrift. I am not. Well, except for food and bizcaz and stuff for my kids when they will accept stuff. I will not EVER drive all over town to look for cheep gasoline. When I need it, I get it on my way to work.

Good night,
Kayak Woman

3 Responses to “Batching parameters for the fungus amungus”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I agree about the gas. If I need it, it’s silly to waste my time(and MORE GAS) running around to save a dollar. Luckily, there are about 5 stations near where I live and if my mom has shopped a lot at Safeway, I can get a 30 or 40 cent per gallon discount. 🙂

  2. Jay Says:

    I finally shredded copies of birth certificates from kids that played soccer with Ashlan during our move out.
    My carpooler uses our Safeway discount because there is not a Safeway gas convenient for us to use.

  3. Sam Says: best prices; but stopping en route rather than detouring for prices works for me, too. I vary my philosophy. The Prius is parsimonious (ha! wordsmithing at a low level…).