Beards are the new black?

reflectionsI don’t pay any attention to sports as you know if you know me in real life or are one of my five regular readers. My friend MMCB is somewhat more of a sports fan. She goes to UM feetsball and hockey games and even attends her adult son’s amateur hockey games, even though they are often scheduled at ridiculous times like 10:45 PM. I do not know how MMCB does this (or why actually but that’d be a whole ‘nother story [wink]), at least not on a regular basis. She is as much a morning person as I am. We always meet at 8 AM and both of us have been up for over two hours by that time. I can only speculate that, because she is a jet-setting world traveler, she has learned how to roll with whatever Father Time throws at her. (And again, we are still trying to figure out why someone like MMCB would want to hang around with a baggy old kayak woman like me.)

The last time MMCB and I had coffee together (and it was two weeks ago because she has been in, hmmm, Barcelona I think, last week), she was kvetching a bit about things like the fancy long hairstyles a lot of feetsball players have been wearing (which I have actually seen on the internet or maybe it was TV). And those baseball players with their beards. Apparently there is even a guy on some team who has a really long beard that he ties with a bow at the bottom. I haven’t seen the guy with the bow (what team does he play for?) but I watched a wee bit of baseball off and on last night and there were beards galore, albeit short ones. What? I dunno. A man can grow a beard. (And so can some women. I will never forget the time a beautiful woman with a beard visited the moomincabin. My cousin Terri and her daughter Ana were visiting and Ana was about eight and, as The Comm and Grandroobly and I were welcoming this woman into our cabin, Terri and Ana exited very quickly out the back door.)

I would be following the World Series a bit more seriously if the Tigers were in it but they’re not but I did watch it long enough last night to see some beards. As long as I live, I will never forget when the Tigers won in 1984. Lizard Breath was due to be born any minute and I somehow got all wrapped up in the Tigers. I think they won before she was born (Oct. 23) and one of the Tigers had his first child a couple days before I had mine. Their baby was born at the same hoosegow as Lizard Breath. His wife and kid were picked up via limousine with flowers galore and the nurses were all excited about that. Our beautiful baby got a ride home in the back of a 1979 Ford Fiesta. I don’t know anything about that family. I don’t know whether there are more children or whether the parents are still married or how the children have turned out. I hope that family is intact and whatever children they have are doing as well as my baby and her younger sister are doing.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We have a female Sikh at my school who has a pretty heavy beard; it must be hard for her. In fact she wrote an editorial in the newspaper last year explaining her religion which was quite interesting. November in my school is also No Shave November, thus I get to look at lots of beards–or what passes as such!! The dreads (on football players) coming way out of the helmet seem like they would get grabbed or caught on stuff. I wouldn’t like it.