People of Woldemort

tamarackI took my annual trip to Walmart today. Me and Cube Nayber were dispatched to buy provisions for tomorrow’s Halloween party. And, uh, costumes. Last year I got away with wearing funky clothing and bringing taking? (No Commander to correct me) Frooogggy in. This year promised to be about the same until… Dun dun dun… The Queen Bee… Dun dun dun… saw a cool costume while she was driving to work and decided that we (she and her team, that’s three of us) could actually maybe kinda sorta replicate it. TQB usually dresses up as a witch (and shhh… don’t say anything but she may have a little surprise waiting for her tomorrow when she gets in, oh boy oh boy [wink]).

Anyway, about the last thing I wanted to do today was go to Walmart. Walmart makes me dizzy. Not quite as dizzy as Ikea but dizzy enough. I liked the OLD Walmart okay. At least the old one that we had up in Sault Ste. Siberia a bazillion years ago. It had a *fabric* department that I actually bought stuff in back in the days when I was doing quilt-type stuff. I bought an “emergency” bathing suit at that Walmart once and underwear for the beach urchins a couple times (adjustable, anyone?) and a cute little pink digital camera for The Commander and other stuff. It was a pretty cool store. “They” decided it was not big enough, so “they” closed it and built a *Super* Walmart in a *different* location. That means that “they” tore out about a billion trees *twice* but we won’t go there tonight. I hate the new Super Walmart but it seems like I find myself there at least once a year anyway… (We once bought The Comm a flat-screen TV there, which is now here at The Landfill.)

Today? I went to Walmart with Cube Nayber. It was a gorgeous Indian Summer day and I didn’t wanna make Cube Nayber do this stuff all by herself (even though she was also buying an Electric Jack-o-lantern for herself) and I felt like getting out, so I went. This store reminds me of the new Siberian store. Lots of lucky-shuckial crap (to keep the masses subdued?) for one thing. I don’t think they have a fabric department but I could be wrong. Halloween stuff? We found what we needed but only because Cube Nayber is apparently a better shopper than I am. Although I did figure out where our costumes were, which was *not* where the rest of the Halloween stuff was. In general, the Halloween stuff was pretty picked over and the xmas stuff was waiting in the wings…

People of Walmart? I dunno. This is probably quite politically incorrect but in general, if you live near The Planet Ann Arbor, you do not get tooooo many people in any store, even Walmart, who are dressed in outfits that are toooo inappropriate for their size, etc., etc., etc. Most people are appropriately covered and doing the best they can to look nice. At any rate, I am careful about commenting about someone else’s appearance or choice of clothing. After all, *I* was in Woldemort today. People of Walmart? That category includes meeeeee.

P. S. Froooog is sitting on his pumpkin by the front door making sure I don’t fergit him tomorrow.

2 Responses to “People of Woldemort”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I never go to our local WMart; it’s a depressing place. I’m still figuring out whether I should wear my Star Trek shirt to school tomorrow. 😉

  2. Pooh Says:

    I am quite happy to be NOT WORKING today, Halloween, although I do have to go in tomorrow for the candy hangover day.