Halloween costumes past and present

Probably my all-time fave Halloween photooo and definitely a tour-de-force for home-made costumes.


Mrs. Marans (wonderful kindergarten teacher) said, “those wings won’t survive the day”. I knew better (and anyway, I didn’t really care, even though I hand-sewed sequins all the way around the perimeter of those damn things). As it happened, not only did they survive, they became part of the Landfill costume stash. As in this:


And part of some people’s everyday wardrobe. As in this (also, The Commander made the apron):


Those wings are still hanging around somewhere down in the Landfill Dungeon. The next one is for Margaret (yes, there was a hat too, it’s hanging around her neck in this photo).


Froooggy usually gets all decked out for Halloween.


This year all he got was a couple strands of Hally-ween style mardy graw beads and a shocking pink sekint-hed-o-hare. But he did get to sit on his jacky-lantern in the Queen Bee’s office all day. She told me she was honored to have Froog in her office for the day. Then she peered at me and said, “He causes trouble, doesn’t he?” Oh, yes he does. But the LSCHP probably causes more trouble than Froog (after all, the LSCHP was responsible for “witching” the Queen Bee’s office). The Queen Bee? Well, I don’t post photooos of folks at work pretty much EVER but I think the one of TQB below is okay. Isn’t that tree costume fantabulous?


Happy Halloween! It’s a soggy one here. But pretty dern warm. I’ll take that!

2 Responses to “Halloween costumes past and present”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Soggy here too and not so warm. I LOVE the tiger costume of course! It was warm and we got at least 4 Halloweens out of it if I count both girls. 🙂

  2. Aimee Nassoiy Says:

    I just hope that Froooogy sang too, he/she/it is gorgeous all decked out!