skeletorSo, there was some woman standing on a crowded street corner downtown on The Planet Ann Arbor tonight yelling about voting for a 20 pound carp for 4th ward city council person. Oh yeah, I think that was meeeee… Our buddies the Porters can apparently actually vote for the dern 20 pound carp if they want to, since they are in the 4th ward. Actually you and I can too, since I think that anybody can write in whoever they want on a ballot. I came to my senses and urged them to vote for a more reasonable candidate, the one who beat the lay-zee incumbent in the August primary. I also urged them to vote for the sinking fund. After 15 years or thereabouts, I still do not understand what the damn sinking fund is but I do know that we MUST do our best to keep PUBLIC education funded and right now our state government is doing everything it can to DEFUND public education and hand it over to a bunch of untested charter school shysters. That’s the short version anyway…

Not 10 minutes before that little escapade, I was waiting in line for the bathroom at the Oscar Tango. I was behind one person. We waited while the men went in and out (of the men’s room, of course, you know what I mean!). We talked a bit. She walks down here on Friday night and so do I. She was amazed that I walk from as far away as I do. She only walks a few blocks. I told her about using an outhouse when I was a kid and where my urbanP spot is on the way home (Wildwood Park). By that time, I’m sure she thought I was nuts (or at least annoying as all getout) but we had been there for a while. Whoever was in there was taking a looooonnnnnng time. I wondered if maybe that person was sick or something. And then… For some reason, I reached for the door knob and tried to twist it. Wouldn’t you know it? It was NOT locked and there was no one in there. Of course I let my friend go in first. She was there before me, after all. But sheeeesh!

And then the GG coerced me into going up to the new Literati bookstore. I bet he is sorry he did that since I (of course) bought some books. 60 bucks worth. I saw “Cranberry Thanksgiving” and it was all over. He should know better.

We *were* gonna go up to the Group Home at Houghton Lake this weekend but we bagged it due to weather predictions and lack of participation in fun times. Maybe next weekend we can get a few folks to head up? Yes? Chloe Belle is heading off to Green Bay or somewhere. He is getting to be too much of a damn jet-setter in my not-so-humble opinion. ‘hattans in the Lyme Lounge here in the Landfill Driveway this weekend? Let us know!!!

Love y’all and sayonara,
Kayak Woman

3 Responses to “Skeletor”

  1. Sam Says:

    Darn! Wish _I_ were within walking distance of you, OT, or generic A2. Or Priusing distance, within an after-work on Friday window, not an all-day window….

  2. l4827 Says:

    OT was fun last night; hopefully there’s no OT in today’s game ….

    We ARE gonna bet the farm, on a 20 pound fish Tuesday. Hopefully he’ll scale back needless spending, create better schools for ALL fish, …

  3. Margaret Says:

    I would have loved to see and hear that!! I hate talk of gutting public education. I work in a public school and there are SO many kids who need the support and help. Sometimes school is their only safe place.