Earned my battle axe today!

I’m (annoyingly) high energy on most days, not that I always channel that energy in positive, productive ways but that’ll keep for some other day [or not…] Today?

First, a serendipitous little concidence. This morning it was something like 17 degrees (F) when I took my walk. But totally dry. Since I don’t have a decent pair of boots (ordered them after yesterday’s walk though), I wore my little purple Keen sandals over a pair of tights and Smartwool socks. I was perfectly warm. I thought that red would match my winter walking wardrobe better than purple, so I searched around for a nice RED pair of those same Keens. And found one, except they didn’t have my size. Not 10 minutes after that, one of my cuzzints sent me an email (totally out of the blue) with a link to that exact sandal on Amazon (which I hadn’t thought of) and they had my size in red!!! So I ordered a pair right then and there from my phone. Thanks cuzz and I do not know what we all ever did without the internet.

I was at work and somehow in one of the feet-up moments that come with my job, I drifted off to think about dishwashers. I *own* a dishwasher but I have not used it in probably 15 years. Bolette and I do the Landfill dishes by hand. So what got me thinking about dishwashers? I *theeeenk* maybe it was my BFF Sam (archaeologist, not dog). Did she say something about dishwashers with drawers when she was here back in September or whenever it was? I think I like that idea. I could still hand wash the dishes with Bolette most of the time but I would have the option of doing a small load if I wanted to and if I ever have anything resembling a crowd over here for dinner again, it would come in handy.

My mind then riffed off on to the Rooooomba 880 — h/t to Agate Gal, who posted a link on Facebook. I chews up hair! IT CHEWS UP HAIR!!! IT CHEWS UP HAIR!!! Do I want one? Oh yes, I do. And this also goes to show that not all Facebook links, etc., are annoying! There are plenty of Facebook folks who carefully curate their content. (I’m not always one of them…)

And then I drifted over to compact washing musheens. I’m thinking moomincabin here. I can no longer haul a load o’ londry into Command Central (even though the Frog Hopper can probably still open the gaaaarage door there). The new owners would prob’ly call the po-leese if they found a baggy old washer woman in their utility room. I *certainly* know how to use a londry-mat (as the beach urchins well know) but now that I can’t get to the moomincabin for more than about a week at a time, I try to avoid that option. Radical Betty’s washer is really no longer available. Which is okay because it is what it is… At any rate, the ability to do an occasional small load of laundry *at* the moomincabin might come in handy. More research is needed here.

So now there are four significant material things that I lust for. You only counted three? The fourtherous, of courserous, dundundundaaaahhh!!! The iPhone 5S!!! What were you thinking?

Do I actually have a Chreeeeestmas leeest for once? Not exactly. There is no way I am gunna ask Sandy Claws for all of those things at once. I’ll take the iPhone 5S and we’ll think about the rest. Well, maybe the damn dishwasher. We’ll see. Bolette, you can still help me do dishes. I’ll let you play with suds in the percolator as long as you want and I’ll even let you wipe the suds off the dishes without rinsing them. Love, Little KW.

Battle Axe? I got an award over at Cubeland today! I got the Battle Axe award. Way back in June or whenever, after a more contentious meeting than we usually have over there, one where I was in the Hot Seat, I stomped into the LSCHP’s office, glowered at him like only a descendent of my old coot could do, and asked him where his battle axe was! It was all in fun and I totally forgot about the whole thing until we held our latest release party today and he surprised me with that award. Many people got awards. Some people actually got awards for, you know, *work* things…

2 Responses to “Earned my battle axe today!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I want an Iphone 5–but I asked for a leaf blower/mulcher for Christmas from my parents. How boring is that? 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    Maybe you could run a hose through the woods 😉 out to the garage for your mini-me washer?