Roly Poly Pell Mell

I dunno if I am finally ready for renovating the Landfill Chitchen or not but I’m starting to feel as though if I don’t, someday the beach urchins will be selling a place with a chitchen with I-am-not-strong-enough-to-say-how-old cabinets but we bought the Landfill in 1984 and they grew up with this place. I know… I rambled on about this a few years ago. And then I kind of abruptly stopped. I must’ve had a premonition (I do get those) that I was about to embark on [another] series of journeys north, bouncing back and forth, hauling a sleeping bag around and living out of a duffel bag. This journey was infinitely more difficult than the ones I made in earlier years, in part because I was The Comm’s only living relative but also because I was trying to hold on to a wonderful full-time career. I am eternally grateful for my company and co-workers for putting up with me during the times I wasn’t really pulling my weight. Anyway…

I once thought that when I renovated The Landfill Chitchen, I would want white everywhere and granite counters and stuff. I will always admire granite but I’m not sure that’s what I want any more. I don’t think it fits me any more (maybe I have changed?) and I don’t think it fits my stoopid little 1959 subdivision house. I’m not sure exactly what I do want but I am thinking it will have *cabin* influences. Like here is the moomincabin chitchen:


Yes it is messy. It gets that way when a lot of people are around. The Commander loved it like that. Or at least she put up with it because she always loved having family around. In-laws, kids, grandchildren, nieces / nephews, friends, you name it. The more the merrier. Below is The Comm making a pie.


I wish I had a better photooo of the Old Cabin kitchen than I do. But here is the one (again) of all of us (except The Beautiful Jan) eating dinner. This is a terrible pic of all of us. I’m the one with the glasses looking like I’m about to stab UKW! Yeesh. Does anyone out there have any other photos of the Old Cabin kitchen?


I hope that Uber Kayak Woman doesn’t mind if I post a photooo of her chitchen because when we arrived at her house on Lopez Island last September, in a way, I felt like I had arrived at my own [dream] kitchen.


Not sure where I’m going from here. A cabin kitchen or even UKW’s gorgeous kitchen wouldn’t exactly work in my house. But maybe I can incorporate some elements of those kitchens? Maybe…

5 Responses to “Roly Poly Pell Mell”

  1. Sam Says:

    IMHO: the element incorporation strategy is workable. Not sure of the details, but stay with that energy. IMHO. Hugs/abrazos.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Remodeling is a HUGE STRESS. I’m working on my master bathroom and all the decision making is awful. I’m indecisive and not confident. Good luck with the kitchen. That was easier for me. Vinyl on the floor and marble looking vinyl on the counters. (with our white cabinets) It isn’t fancy but it looks nice.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Maybe there’s an app for that. You could take pictures of your current kitchen, then overlay new cupboards, flooring etc. In both UKW’s and the cabin pictures there’s a lot of wood, color, hanging space and love. How have the people in your neighborhood done their kitchens — they’d be similar sizes and layouts. Have fun?

  4. jane Says:

    There must be pictures of the old cabin kitchen. or at least of the removal of the big old wood stove – that was a big operation! I love the pic of all the cousins (minus Jan) – a great reminder of life at the cabin ‘back in the day’.

  5. Jay Says:

    I am not good with colors and finishes, but I know a few people who are. I used and abused their input – and it was sometimes fun. When our two neighbors, the artist-painter and the architect would disagree I frequently sided with the artist. We have colors in the house I would never have considered by myself. I did stay away from trendy finishes – we wanted easy to care for and long lasting. Our experience with the glass-top stove in the apartment made it clear we would not get one ourselves (although I have friends that absolutely love theirs).

    Just think about how you work in the kitchen and what would you want to be close to your work surfaces. Go from there.

    Pooh is right – have some fun.