Did somebody eat my blahg?

jake1Y’all were wishin’ fer that, weren’t’cha? Sorry. I’m still here.

I was just downtown partying away at the Oscar Tango with the GG and the Porterization crew. Looks like Shaky Jake has a new suit. Back in the day, Shaky Jake was a real person who hung out here on the streets of the Planet Ann Arbor. More years ago than I think I am strong enough to enumerate, we were in the midst of house hunting. Shaky Jake was selling merchandise out of his gee-tar case — Shaky Jake t-shirts, I brake for Jake bumper stickers, you name it. The GG had been in the market for a Shaky Jake t-shirt for months but it seemed like every time he encountered Shaky Jake, the gee-tar case was empty. Until one day he managed to snag a cheesy tank top undershirt-looking kind of thingy.

So we found the Landfill and let me just say I do not have the stomach for real estate deals. I would wake up at that bat-scope time of the night *every* night counting in thousands in my head. I will not say how much this loverly little dump cost but it was less than six digits. We had somehow managed to save enough cash that (with a wee bit of help from our parents) we were be able to put down enough money to avoid an escrow account. That was soooo exciting and we thought we were sooooo cool…

jake2Anyway, in preparation for the closing, we needed to move a significant amount of money from one bank to another. I don’t exactly remember the details and I do NOT know why we didn’t just get a cashier’s check… Anyway, it was hot the day we headed to the first bank to withdraw cash and I looked at the GG and he was wearing that cheesy undershirt-looking tank top. I said something like, “You cannot walk into a bank and cash a check for $4000 (or whatever it was) WITH A SHAKY JAKE TANK TOP ON!!! He met me halfway by putting a Hawaiian style shirt on over it. You could still see Jake but it was marginally okay and we got the money without too many strange looks from the teller. We bought the house and paid it off 13 years later and here we are all these years later with our beautiful little woods behind the back yard and the Plum Market within an easy walking distance. And still dithering and dathering about re-doing the damn chitchen!

And downtown is just a couple miles away. And so tonight, as we approached The Landfill after walking home from the Oscar Tango, our young neighbors were also arriving home. I think they get a kick out of the fact that us baggy old people walk as much as we do and they didn’t even flinch when I mentioned that UrbanP didn’t work out all that well for me tonight and that I would be taking a shower and doing a load of laundry. We walked a bit of a different route home tonight and the only woods I encountered was right next to Dexter and I had to walk a few feet down a steep hill and there were vee-hickles going by and I kept thinking about the time Radical Betty peed on the side of the road in England and a bus stopped but she couldn’t stop. Anyway, between laughing about that and general klutziness, I wasn’t totally, uh, dry at the end of that escapade. But that’s what washing musheens (and showers) are for, don’t’cha know.

I’m sure I have embarrassed any number of family members by now but I don’t really care because [sing it] it’s my blahg and I will write what I want to. If you don’t wanna read my blather, don’t read it.

Love y’all and g’night,

One Response to “Did somebody eat my blahg?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    LOL–you didn’t embarrass me. Nature calls are always interesting when they occur in nature. 🙂