Because it’s cute, why else?

trikeI am *this* close to purchasing a loverly-looking beastie like this. More research and some thinking time are in order (like who the heck is Fisher & Paykel…). I am not [usually] good at impulse purchases unless they are under about $25 or involve the kind of bizcaz clothing that I *know* will suit me well and I want to get it before it’s sold out.

Just a minute! Somebody is yodeling on Prairie Home Companion! They are yodeling badly but I think they are *trying* to yodel badly. I think that yodeling is something I could actually *do* if I had any kind of professional-type voice training at all. Why did I not ever take voice lessons? Probably because I was already doing both flute and piano and for god only knows what stoopid adolescent reason, looked down on a bit on those choir kids. Even though my fav-o-rite Mac aunt was a professionally trained soprano and just maybe I had some of the same DNA that she had? Oh well.

Anyway, after we took our Saturday morning hike to the farmer’s market, we headed out to Lowe’s to look at dishwashers and stick a toe back into the kitchen reno waters. The GG seemed to really be draggin’ you-know-what but once inside, he rallied. We couldn’t find one single double-drawer dishwasher on display there (you have to order them), so we started walking over to the oh-yeah-we-were-gonna-replace-the-damn-doorwalls area. That had been about the furthest thing from my mind when we got there but suddenly we were trying to resurrect our records from their computer (from last May) and yadayada and maybe this is a prodject that we will actually get DONE in the not-too-distant future!

So they did not have any double-drawer dishwashers to show us but that salesman pointed us to Big George (kudos to Lowe’s for sending us to a competitor). They did have one there. I’m thinking and we’ll get there. Like I keep saying, I am one o’ those NUTS who LIKES to handwash dishes.

From there, I declared that it was Declutter Day. My front living room was looking even more ragged around the edges than usual. I still hadn’t completely dealt with the last load from the moomincabin garage, which was back in mid-October. I made great progress on that today as well as some general cleaning while the GG took a nap. Which was okay with me because 1) he NEEDED one and 2) he kinda mostly stayed outta my hair except for late in the afternoon when a football game came on and he started pacing around the Landfill, opening up the refrigimatator umpteen times, etc…

Excuse me again. We’re smelling smoke here. It doesn’t seem to be inside the Landfill. It seems to be blowing in the Chitchen window. It smells like a campfire. Did I hear sirens? Nope, guess I didn’t. Okay. At ease.

If I could have changed anything about today, I would’ve done more food prep earlier in the day. I dunno why I didn’t, I kept thinking about it. I love hanging out in the chitchen chopping up veggies, etc., but sometimes if I wait until the end of the day to start that stuff, it just seems like a chore. But I persevered and dinner is in the hopper and I am ahead of the game for tomorrow (except for the brussel sprouts). Oh, you don’t LIKE brussel sprouts? You need to experiment a bit. Saute them with some dried cherries or cranberries and some chopped up scallions and maybe some rosemary or something and maybe even a teensy bit of Besteman’s maple syrup or something.

We’ve been having a bit of an ice-clinking problem here tonight, in that the GG keeps clinking his ice cubes and I go and check and he is NOT ready for a second ‘hattan yet. I told him not to clink until he WAS ready and I twittered this: “Haven’t had an ice-clinking ghost for a while. Guess The Commander has put the ki-bosh on mooching cocktails off of mortals.”


P.S. It’s the bike (trike?) that’s cute, not the dishwasher. If you haven’t been on the Planet Ann Arbor for a while, this cute little vee-hickle was parked out in front of the People’s Food Co-op this morning. If you were to walk to the right, you would end up at the farmer’s market.

5 Responses to “Because it’s cute, why else?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the vehicle and HATE making decisions about remodeling stuff. Ugh. By the way, I LOVE brussels sprouts.

  2. Pooh Says:

    If you go to Le Marquis’s blog and click over to the blog link for Bikesafe, you’ll see another kind of trike. Of course, it’s not as cute, and I’m not sure if it has a basket, but I could get more details from Ron if you’re interested.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    The Bikesafe blog is pretty cool (click over) but I am a very klutzy beeceeclettist so I will pass. I *am* lusting after some snowshoes in the latest LL Bean catalog. Sandy Claws, are you paying attention?

  4. Tonya Says:

    I love Brussels sprouts, too! I have a great recipe for roasting them and drizzling a balsamic reduction and tossing with dried cranberries. YUM!.

    HOWEVER. I loathe handwashing dishes. With a caveat: I don’t mind it at Harstine in the camping trailer. But here at home it’s an added evening chore when have NO energy, especially on week nights after doing nothing but work chores all day. Even with just the two of us, it’s astounding how many dishes and pots and pans and STUFF we use.

  5. kayak woman Says:

    Tonight, I sauteed teensy tinesy brussel sprouts in sesame oil with scallions and shredded red cabbage and dried cherries. Soooo good. Tonya, I *totally* understand about the dishes!