Blustery day (???)

carrotsLast night, the GG got a text message from Lizard Breath inviting him to help measure little plants over at the Mechanical Botanical Gardens. He read it aloud and my restless little Keen-clad feet went something like “woods woods woods” without connecting with my brain to make it think through what “measuring little plants” might mean. The plan was to help our friend Damn Arbor with a phd-type prodject and she wondered if the GG wanted to help. Of course he did! It was right up the GG’s alley, plus we’ve known Damn Arbor since middle school, etc., etc.

After some confuddlement and an unexpected snow squall (but I don’t *think* that had anything to do with the confuddlement), the field trip moved to Miller Woods and my beach urchin apologized to me for not inviting me too. “It didn’t seem like the kind of thing you would want to do, Moom.” Something like that. And she was right, right, right! She knows me well. Today’s expotition involved spending a lot of time in one place focusing and doing careful stuff, not rambling around the woods with wild abandon. Not to mention that I had a boatload of stuff to do today! In the end, I figured out they were in Miller Woods and not the Mechanical Gardens because I randomly checked Instagram and Lizard had posted a couple recent photooos at that location. Hey! I can WALK to Miller Woods. So I grabbed my purse, phone, and backpack, bundled up and walked to Miller Woods, where I met up with the work crew before sashaying off to the Plum Market for my third round of grokkeries today (Farmer’s Market, Meijer, and Plum). Bonus? Lizard spent a half hour or so here at the Landfill this afternoon and took a few more of The Commander’s artifacts back to Detroit with her.

I spent a lot of the day obtaining supplies for The Landfill version of Thanksgiving and pre-cooking. My make-ahead gravy recipe calls for carrots. I didn’t have any carrots and, after three food procurement trips today, I wasn’t about to go back to get carrots. But then, I was taking a load of stuff out to the compost and I passed Mouse’s Garden and I saw CARROTS. I pulled these carrots. They are small but aren’t they beautiful?

Blustery day? Yes, it *was* a blustery day around here. Someone at work earlier this week was talking about how blustery that day was and tying it to Winnie Ther Pooh… I could not figure out what this blustery day stuff was and I was “shamed” for it [wink]. Hey, I grew up with Winnie Ther Pooh. I remember Radical Betty reading it to us in the Old Cabin when we were small. I have a cuzzint who has been known to answer to the name of “Pooh”. My childhood dog was Tigger. I do not get this blustery day stuff. I have both of the Pooh books on my iPhone and when I search for “blustery”, I do not get any results. What am I missing?

3 Responses to “Blustery day (???)”

  1. TMOTU Says:

    Blustery Day? Yep. Freezing? Yep. Snow accumulation? Yep. It wasn’t easy to uncover the seedling trees using thin gloves, a grade school ruler, while wearing “snow sandals”. We did become acclimated to the conditions – yesterday would have been perfect. I think it was worthwhile.

  2. Margaret Says:

    It is probably from the TV show or the films. (and not the books) Winnie was always one of our favorites!! Love the carrots and that they go into your gravy. When I used to make homemade spaghetti sauce, they always went into that because they softened the tangy tomato taste.

  3. l4827 Says:

    “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day” is a 1968 animated featurette done by Walt Disney productions.

    We had fun at the OT, and where is all that H2O now? We prefer the C6H12O2 any_way … 🙂