Thanksgiving kvetch

mossThis is gonna be a lame post, so read it at your own risk. It’ll also probably be stream-of-consciousness…

It wasn’t a bad day exactly, except maybe for the fact that my loverly Windows work laptop was intermittently refusing to let me use the G, H, and up-arrow keys. And maybe the ctrl key. I couldn’t quite figger that out. Oh, and the trackpad was intermittently behaving like the trackpad on my old MacBook Pro, which means I had no control over it. I sincerely hope that I don’t have to send the dern thing back AGAIN! I sincerely hope it doesn’t totally crap out on me tomorrow when Building Mom will be off for a much deserved long weekend. I have to box my laptop up but she takes care of the labeling and hands it off to Fedex or whoever. I know this because I have sent this POYKW back TWICE already. It’s not like I couldn’t label it and hand it off to Fedex myself. I send packages all over the place all the time. It’s just that she does that part of it SO WELL! She has all of the supplies at her disposal and familiar relationships with the Fedex folks, not to mention the guys over at the Mother Ship who fix our computers when they start throwing error aminals at us. It would probably take me an hour to do what Building Mom does in 60 seconds or so.

Dark? I dunno. I don’t mind the dark. Actually, my walk to the Plum Market after work this afternoon was lovely and energizing. Snow? I dunno. I don’t mind snow (disclaimer: it is not snowing here, the roads are dry). But I am a little gun-shy because last winter, over and over and over ad infinitum ad nauseam, the weather gods kept telling us “chance of snow flurries”. They were always wrong. We did not get any big storms that I remember but over and over and over, we’d get just enough snow to make the roads ice over. It was nasty. I would rather plow through a few inches of snow than deal with “light showers”. When there are a few inches of snow on the roads, most people actually SLOW DOWN! “Light showers” tend to create BLACK ICE! I HATE BLACK ICE!!! I am having PTSD from last winter, the winter that lasted FOREVER. You may not remember this, but we drove Up North in mid-APRIL through an ICE STORM. I posted a photo on facebook and The Beautiful Mimi commented, “You sure know how to have fun!” Indeed. Later that weekend, I slodged through deep snow on snowshoes. It was a lovely hike but my feet were soaked at the end of it. And then we drove through more snow and stuff to get to the UU’s house in Gaylord. (I’m asking Santa for my own personal pair of MODERN snowshoes this xmas. Those old-fashioned ones are good for hanging on the wall but not so much for climbing hills, etc. If Santa doesn’t bring ’em, I’ll just buy ’em. Also, check with me before buying PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!)

Anyway, I am watching whatever storm is dumping snow in some of the states south and east of us and I am watching the ever-changing weather forecast for our area and hoping for no snow travel for my Detroit beach urchin this Thanksgiving. And I am kvetching about shopping for our modest Thanksgiving dinner, even though I LOVE to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Just that I am wishing I had a few more daylight hours to putz around pre-cooking and de-cluttering, etc. in my house alone. As it is, I am probably over-reacting. I will no doubt get bored about halfway through Thanksgiving afternoon. But that is okay.

P.S. Can you find the photo bombers in this picture from our last North Country Trail hike?

2 Responses to “Thanksgiving kvetch”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate bad weather around the holidays(so many people traveling, including my own daughter) and dislike snow a LOT, although not as much as ice. I’m pathologically afraid of it. It’s great when it’s like last winter; a whole bunch of snow falls on the mountain passes, so that skiers and snowboarders are happy; the rest of us enjoy a wonderful summer with no water restrictions. However, I think this winter is going to be BAD here, relatively speaking. Just a feeling.

  2. Marquis Says:

    Cheer up, Anne