The ace in the hole and why yesterday’s kvetch was really kind of put on was that I was certain that our beloved, benevolent despot would boom GO HOME at around 3 PM today. Actually he sent an email around this morning. Boy oh boy, I needed that. Once again, the G and H (and ‘ and up-arrow and I *think* the alt) keys did not work on my loverly Windows work laptop. I limped through the day and sent an email to the Queen Bee that my laptop was (AGAIN!) heading south and I would most likely need a loaner for a couple days next week. IF a loaner can be found, it will definitely not have all of the software applications on it that I’m accustomed to using to do my job. The workarounds are always tiresome…

Anyway… I got outta dodge directly at 3 PM. The LSCHP (despot) had already flown the coop but he’s got Thanksgivukkah going on tomorrow, I just have regular old Thanksgiving. Got home and started swinging! Threw some laundry in, schlepped over to the Plum Market, chopped celery, onions, red cabbage and I fergit what else. Cut up brussel sprouts, lemons, mandarins and I fergit what else. Washed lettuce. Baked Chex mix. Yes I know I can buy it. I like it better when I make it myself — in one of Gertrude’s ovens, not the microwave. Did I mention that Meijer was OUT of Rice Chex yesterday?!? Wrote a note-to-self to drape my turkey with bacon strips (yes). Cleared a gazillion catalogs off the dining table and moved my scanning prodject out of the Landfill Chitchen.

I am kinda bored to tears with all the crappy articles out there about Thanksgiving and how to avoid family arguments yada yada. I guess that’s partly because we will only have our own children here tomorrow. We are all on more or less the same page when it comes to religion and polly-ticks and I can’t harass them about their *lives* because they are both independent, self-supporting, upstanding citizens of the world. But even back when I was a kid and we had big Fin Fam holiday parties, I don’t remember arguments at all. I remember lots of food and laughter. I *liked* sitting at the kids’ table. Actually, a few years ago when a few of my cuzzints came home to The Planet Ann Arbor, we had Thanksgiving dinner over at Chez Harry and I think we were elbowing each other out of the way to get to sit at the kids’ table. (I’m kidding here. It wasn’t really a kids’ table.)

I miss those big old parties but the proverbial sands of time have shifted since I was a kid and, more often than not, we have a small Thanksgiving here at the Landfill. I know that we could probably crash a C-fam party (or two or three) or meet up with My Dear Uncle Harry but I am working full time and usually don’t have a whole lot of paid time off left at this time of year, so I am as happy as a clam to just haaannng out at home. Faaarrr in the faaaarrplace and my own scaled down version of Thanksgiving food.

Love y’all and please put bacon on your turkey (and remind KW to do the same).

2 Responses to “Swinging!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We had some arguments, but mainly at Christmas and only when my nasty aunt was around. A smaller group is much more congenial. I LOVE homemade chex mix and used to make it all the time. (especially for camping)

  2. Marquis Says:

    This holiday’s conversation changer, “So, how about that comet ISON?”