citrusI make my own personal rules when it comes to social media. My rules have maybe changed a bit now that we are fully engulfed by the digital on-line age. But here is a rough draft…

I create my own content. I don’t post photos of anyone without their permission unless I am pretty darn sure they don’t care. I don’t post “uglies” of *anyone* unless you maybe count photos of npJane and the GG (and Rey in this case) hanging out at barooooms with citrus wedges in their mouths. I don’t share stuff that other people have posted. Do you guys realize how many people share the same fricking cheap links? Sometimes I see something five or ten times from different people, all of whom probably have different reasons for sharing. I don’t post links. Similar situation to shares… I don’t care what other people post. I have hidden (on facebook) only a couple of people and that’s because there are only so many Bacon Bikini-type things that I can be bothered with. If it’s just random polly-tickal crap or cute aminal pictures (of some unknown person’s aminal), I just scroll by.

I BREAK ALL OF MY OWN RULES!!! I broke one today and posted a link on facebook to some creative city “maps”. I love these things. Why isn’t there one for Detroit? I need one for Detroit. I am now able to get *to* Lizard Breath’s apartment and I can find the entrance to I94 to get home. In between? When we go to Detroit (NOT in the middle of the night), I either ride with Liz in Ruby or hand my car keys over to her. (The GG does this too [wink].) I do *not* know my way around. My GPS tells me to do things that are counter-intuitive but then again, I really do not know my way around.

My knowledge of downtown Detroit is largely limited to being driven around by my grandfather in his Cadillac with the first automatic windows I had ever seen. The girls (me, The Commander, and Bolette) would sit in the back and the boys (Grandaddy, my old coot, and The Engineer) in the front. I was a Yooper before that term was co-opted by Jeff Daniels or whoever and I was entranced with the sky-scrapers and the shopping and the museums but I certainly didn’t know my way around town.

Nowadays, “Funny Grandaddy’s” great granddaughter is driving his granddaughter around his city with aplomb. I bet he would love that.

3 Responses to “Codex”

  1. UU Says:

    You should post your rules on Facebook. Good blog today.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I have the world’s worst sense of direction so I need that circular map(would have intrigued my husband, who was VERY spatial) or an excellent GPS. I don’t know if I have rules, but I try not to post what everyone else is, just the stuff I feel passionate about. (as well as my own blather)

  3. isa Says:

    Don’t feel bad, Detroit is laid out like the spokes of a wagon wheel (that’s a simplified explanation), and it’s not easy to figure out. Hard to make a straight up left turn in many places, so there lots of funny little tricks for changing direction. I’m just beginning to get a good map in my head, and I’m not notoriously bad at directions… though not notoriously good, either. Anyway, there are still several friends to whom I defer to on directions if they’re in the car with me.