Life at the Landfill #3.1416 (a Twitter play)

@kayakwoman: I don’t really wanna go to REI to look at snowshoes tonight.

@tmotu: Well, time is running out. I guess I’ll just have to get you a toaster instead.

@kayakwoman: I wouldn’t mind if you got me a new toaster.

@tmotu: #%@&


Yes, I really did ask for new snowshoes for xmas. I’m kind of wondering how many people ask for snowshoes for xmas. I’m sure there are some but I think we occupy a special little niche. The thing is that I we have snowshoes. They are the old-fashioned wooden kind that my dad used to use. They are beautiful but:

1) I cannot strap them to my boots by myself. The GG has to do it for me (and once UKW did it). I know how stoopid that is. But still.

2) I need snowshoes that I can easily strap on by myself and can handle hills. Not mountains, just hills. Small ones sometimes. The snowshoes we have are great for schlumping along in flat territory but man oh man, I had to go down one hill on a North Country Trail IN APRIL last year ON MY BUTT!!! I’m pretty sure nobody saw me do this but I was embarrassed beyond belief. A partial reprieve came a month or so ago when, after a NCT hike, The UU, TW and I ventured into that same territory. When we got to that hill and I mentioned my butt descent, TW said, “EVERYBODY went down that hill on their butt!”. I may still do that hill on my butt but I lust for modern snowshoes.

Toasters? I am not enamored of my current toaster. Years ago, we had an old toaster that my moom bought me when I went to college. One day, somebody turned it on and sparks flew out of the lucky-shuckial outlet! New toaster? Yes. The GG tried to dissuade me from buying a new toaster. “My parents probably had their toaster for 50 years [or whatever]?” I loved my in-laws and I keep appliances forever too but… … … We got a new toaster. I don’t think it’s that great but it does work.

I think that the GG really wants to buy snowshoes for me for xmas and we have plenty of time to choose snowshoes that I will get along with.

4 Responses to “Life at the Landfill #3.1416 (a Twitter play)”

  1. UU Says:

    I ordered two sets of snow shoe so I have extras for guests. One is a lady’s pair (not really any different from men’s. You are welcome to use. I have trails to show you.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I rarely use my toaster and when I do, it misbehaves. I got a leaf blower/leaf vacuum/mulcher for Christmas–what can be more boring than that?

  3. Pooh Says:

    Judging by all the ads for competing vacuum cleaners out now, somebody must be gifting vacuum cleaners. Double yukk!

  4. Sam Says:

    Toasters aint what they used to be. Sadly. I’m having a book apiece delivered today for our mutual Xmas. And then there are those spectacles….