I suppose I am just grumpy but…

Or maybe snarky is a better word. How many times have you seen that loverly Lake Baikal ice drumming video? I think about eight of my facebook friends have posted it. I didn’t watch it until just now. It looked like a cool thing to do and I can understand why people would post the video but I am kind of ho-hum about internet videos. A lot of them are waayyy too long. 30 seconds is about my max. I mean, if nothing happens until 30 seconds in, delete about the first 25 seconds. It’s easy to do. Most videos are not (in my not-so-humble opinion) anywhere near as funny or dramatic or whatever as people think they are. For example, I did actually watch the one where the little girl encountered ice for the first time (y’all know the one). I didn’t think it was all that cute or funny and I felt sorry for the kid. Maybe I just didn’t get it. Anyway, my kids did things that were way cuter and funnier than that when they were babies and they are really happy that I didn’t have an iPhone back then, believe me!

So, okay, people are drumming on the ice on Lake Baikal. I haven’t seen that one get posted for about a week and I kind of forgot about it. Tonight we were down at the Oscar Tango and I could hear some drumming noises coming from the GG’s iPad. There were about a billion people in the Oscar Tango and all over town and it was loud in there and I wasn’t paying much attention but then he jammed the dern thing right up next to my ear and asked me what I thought that sound was. Without looking at the screen, I said, “It’s people drumming on the ice on Lake Baikal.” Well, how the heck did I know that since I had never actually watched the video? Because 1) it sounded like an organized percussion ensemble, 2) it was definitely *not* standard orchestral percussion instruments, and 3) that video had been making the rounds and I figured this sounded like people drumming on ice.

The GG forgets (and so do I, most of the time) that I am, among many other things (some good, some not so much), a trained musician. I have a really really really good ear. I am also a systems analyst, which means that I am (on a good day) adept at dredging out various random little pieces of seemingly unrelated pieces of data squirreled away in various mouseholes and making sense of them. I did that tonight when he shoved the iPad up to my ear. Now, having a really really really good ear can be a bad thing because sometimes you hear things you don’t really want to hear, i.e., every wrong note the middle school band plays. And being able to dredge up random pieces of information can be helpful depending on what it is you’ve dredged up and why. There are some things I’d just as soon forget.

Anyway, it was Moonlight Midnight Madness downtown tonight and can I just say that “madness” is the name of the game. Just try to shop, if you can get inside any of the stores. I figure this is our one and only weekend to deal with whatever Christmas gifts, etc., we need to obtain. So far, we are at zero. Of course, that is at least in part because nobody we are buying anything for needs or wants anything nor do we. I saw lots of nice art and stuff tonight but all I could think of was something like, “where would I put it?” As it is, I have been stashing art knick-knacks away like crazy all week. Decluttering in order to carve out some space to display a few holiday decorations, like maybe The Commander’s Sandy Claws collection, if I can find it. I know I snagged it from the Moomincabin Garage this fall…

I am rambling. Good night! [I am not really as grumpy as I sound, not even about the ice-drumming video, trivia in the grand scheme of things.]

P.S. The OED word of the day yesterday was “Moomin” of all things!

One Response to “I suppose I am just grumpy but…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t like shopping or crowds and only sometimes enjoy what everyone else is posting. There have been a few videos that I’ve shared, but you notice that they are few and far between. 🙂