Saturday in the park

I did not do any significant hiking today other than my habitual 0-skunk-30 three-miler around the neighborhood and a trip over to the Plum but I have spent more time on my feet than not today. Yesterday Mouse Instagrammed a loverly photoooo of little goatsies and things, i.e., I thought there was a young llama in there and maybe a little donkey? She didn’t indicate the location and I was totally mystified about where she was, knowing that she 1) works a *lot* during the holiday season and 2) is simultaneously in a play. So how did she get out to some farm somewhere. Turned out she was not out at some farm somewhere but downtown at Downtown Home and Garden, a hop, skip, and jump from where she works. It’s one of our fave places on The Planet Ann Arbor, so that was our first stop this morning.


From there… Ace Hardware for driveway salt and window shopping and killing time before REI opened. (Why the heck doesn’t a place like REI open before 10 AM? Aren’t all o’ those mountain climbers et al up early?) Anyway, we eventually ended up at REI and we took up a whole bunch of some poor young whippersnapper’s time in the snowshoe department but didn’t buy anything — yet. I liked the bindings on these snowshoes a lot. I brought along the winter tennies I’ll [most likely] be wearing with them.


I lost the GG somewhere in Whole Foods (next door to REI) and when I came out, there he was with a certain seasonal artifact on top of the Frog Hopper. Yes, he bought a Christmas tree today and yes, he bought it at Whole Foods.


I wasn’t quite ready for the artifact on top of the Frog Hopper yet and to be honest, it is not inside yet. But I did snag The Commander’s little Sandy Claws collection from the Dungeon and set it up in front of Penelope the Dragon (or whatever she is). I wonder what The Comm would’ve thought about her Santas mixing it up with Penelope. Oh well, there they are.


Oh yeah, there was this…


Yes, I have a new camera. And here’s Chicago *in* the park. Just because.

5 Responses to “Saturday in the park

  1. Margaret Says:

    Is that a PHONE? It looks like one…I love the Commander’s Santas because they are eclectic. (so are Tonya’s) I’m glad you found them and put them out.

  2. Sam Says:

    Congrats on the contents of the box-duo. Tell us how much you LOVE yours!

  3. Mouse Says:

    Those little window Santas are my favorite.

  4. Tonya Says:

    Squeeeee!!! I LOVE the santas! In fact, I may actually have a couple of those! I set my collection out the other day and they’re so fun. (I do like the unique/strange ones).

  5. Tonya Says:

    P.S. I love my new iPhone 5s except for two rather major things: 1) Photo Stream won’t work on my laptop and 2) I cannot find a cable or adapter that works with it so I can listen to music on my Bose docking station or in my car. (And I’ve spent a fair amount of $$ purchasing cables/adapters that are SUPPOSED to work, but they don’t. Grrr).