Dusting in High Places

oldsnowshoesWay back in the day, when the beach urchins were in middle and early high school, I was talking to The Commander on the phone one night and I mentioned that I was cleaning my oven and Lizard Breath had expressed rather horrified amazement at how dirty it was. I *do* clean my oven, by the way, but that time I had let it go a little longer than was probably a good idea.

This was back in the days when I actually enjoyed talking to The Commander on the phone. We would gossip away about the kids and the family and other people we knew and laugh our you-know-whats off. The Commander was always a bit judgmental (aren’t we all, though) but she was judgmental in a humorous way back in those days. Alas, in the last couple years of her life, I grew to dread phone calls with her. If she didn’t answer the phone, I couldn’t be sure whether she was out gallivanting around somewhere or, well, you know… When she did answer the phone, our conversations were almost indescribably surreal. Her mental faculties were all there but the input / output function didn’t work very well. (And this was a woman who owned and could *use* an iPhone and a laptop computer at the age of 90 so go figger.) I don’t miss those phone calls but I do miss the earlier version.

Anyway, on the aforementioned occasion, The Comm opined (out of the blue), “She will get more critical.” What? Was that what I was like as a teenager? Oh probably. So the other night, we were over in Ypsilanti eating dinner at Haab’s before Mouse’s play and the GG was grumbling about fighting off some sort of low-level cold-virus-type symptoms and this same loverly beach urchin (who is way past being a teenager) piped up with something like, “You know, your house is REALLY dusty!” Okay then. She’s right about that. I tend to keep the Landfill Chitchen and the Blue and Only Bathroom clean and I vacuum regularly. Dusting? Not so much.

I didn’t really do a whole lot of dusting today. In honor of The Commander, I did get rid of a particularly insidious spiderweb and I pulled everything out of a bookshelf in the back room, dusted it, and put [most] things back, hopefully in a more organized fashion. The bookshelf will soon disappear behind that seasonal artifact we obtained yesterday but it was bugging me. One step at a time…

2 Responses to “Dusting in High Places”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Dusting is one of my most hated chores. I do it more in the summer when the windows are open. I can get away with not doing much during the winter. 😉

  2. isa Says:

    Did I get more critical?