If you go down to the woods today…

millerwoodsI don’t have a whole lotta words today. I don’t think. I am feeling stymied on a whole bunch of fronts.

Work? I left this afternoon totally flummoxed about how to organize one of my specs. I know that I will solve this problem in my sleep tonight or maybe on my Skunk Walk tomorrow morning. Actually, I had it sorta figgered out before I left today…

Flinging? I’m dealing with such a wide variety of random bits and pieces at the moment that even my systems analyst type brain cannot sort things out and pull the details back together in an organized fashion. I have boxes. Boxes to go to the Kiwanis sale. Boxes to be gone through by the Beach Urchins and *then* to the Kiwanis sale. Boxes to go *back* to the Moomincabin Garage. Yes, really.

And then there’s xmas. That always flummoxes me these days but this year is actually worse than usual. I frankly have no idea what to buy people. I mean, I only have the GG and the Beach Urchins this year. I *think* I have the GG covered. Not so sure about the Beach Urchins. And no, this is really not a subtweet (although I am human and I have been known to subtweet [insert error aminal here]). It is a philosophical kind of question. What do people who have more or less everything they need buy adult children who *also* have more or less everything they need? Cash, cars, computers, smart phones, plane tickets maybe? If they need those things, that is. Sometimes I will ask a kid if they need one of those things and they will say, “No, I’m okay for now.” And that’s okay! I learned early in my current career not to mention those moments to folks who have younger kids than mine who not only ask for those kinds of things but *expect* them. I must have done something right raising my kids but I have no idea what it was [insert error aminal here]. Well, except for the communities (Fin/Mac and Cfam) who helped *greatly* along the way.

In a slower time, The Commander used to pack a box of miscellaneous items for me and my family. She was a good shopper and we loved opening her little packages. I think I used to be a decent shopper too. I was certainly trained to be one, with our trips to shop in Petoskey’s gas light district and my childhood trips to the downtown Detroit J. L. Hudson’s store, where The Comm worked when she was young. I’m not sure what happened to make me hate shopping so much! Woldemort, maybe?

One Response to “If you go down to the woods today…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I never know what to get people either. I usually find out their favorite shops or restaurants and do gift cards. I did buy my daughters’ gifts early(had a brain storm) but I’m not sure they’ll like what I got them.