A snow commute this morning albeit not a terrible one. But with performance taaaars. Which are not the best for winter conditions as Louie Louiiii keeps reminding me over and over ad infinitum. He put his winter shoes on his vee-hickle the other day. I do not have winter shoes. I miss my old Dogha. I love the Ninja but again, what were we thinking? Except that it is absolutely *loverly* to drive on nice dry pavement…

A little more coffee than I needed (like one and a half cups). Yes. It dogged me alllll day.

A little Christmas shopping after work tonight? Not very successful. Trekked on over to the new Sur la Table store. I order stuff online from Sur la Table all the time including two (count ’em) pairs of onion goggles within a span of a couple weeks. Yes, two. One for Lizard Breath’s birthday. Yes, I bought my daughter a pair of onion goggles for her birthday. I think she was a bit non-plussed about that, like, Moom, I don’t need those. Well, yes you do! For the next time I help you chop up veggies for a lasagne at your house, of courserous! Anyway, there was a delivery kerfluffle and they ended up back at the warehouse. Probably UPS doesn’t just leave things on the porch in DayTwa because somebody might steal those onion goggles, don’tcha know. Anyway, in the meantime, I ordered yet *another* pair, this time for Houghton Lake (they aren’t up there yet) and boy oh boy, I had an interesting time ‘splainin’ all this to the [wonderful!] customer service rep that helped me straighten it all out [actually she thought it was pretty funny]. End of story? I had received the HL onion goggles by that time, so I took them over to Dee-troit and told Sur la Table to send Lizard Breath’s onion goggles to the Landfill and I’ll just take *those* to HL the next time I go there. I expected the Sur la Table store to have onion goggles but they didn’t but they *did* have beer goggles.

We couldn’t think of anywhere else to shop. I did NOT feel like going to the mall. I don’t even know what’s out at the mall any more except for the dern Apple Store. The GG was yammering on about J.C. Penney but, although I am sure it is a wonderful place to buy men’s underwear, it is not my idea of a place to go Christmas shopping, not to mention shopping for women’s clothing, not that I was interested in shopping for women’s clothing in any way, shape or form on this night. So we went to Knight’s for dinner (duck ravioli and I took a third of it home (I did finish the ‘hattan, they didn’t have a sippy cup)) and got home and were shocked to realize it was only something like 7:30. I guess that’s okay.

Looking forward to coffee at Barry’s with MMCB tomorrow morning. I need a girlfriend. I mean the “Girlfriend, let’s gossip” kind of girlfriend.

Hope your xmas shopping is going better than mine is!

Good night,

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m finished with mine and most of it was done on line or through gift cards. I don’t like crowds and don’t like shopping. What are performance tires? I have regular ones, but I now have the studless snow tires on. (plus AWD, 4 wheel high and 4 wheel low–total overkill!!) However, it may mean that we won’t get any snow events,which is fine by me!