Put your phones down and don’t shout out answers!

So, the GG arrived home here at The Landfill this evening (in the dark of course). He took off his coat and hat and glubs and all of that stuff you have to wear when the temperatures are in the damn teens and he perused the avalanche of catalogs that arrived today and then… drum-roll… Grabbed a cereal bowl! Um, oops, methinks that is your *morning* routine! [insert error aminal here]

Catalogs… I cannot keep up. The thing is I actually *use* catalogs. I order 99% of my clothing online and a lot of other stuff too, oh you know, like Onion Goggles. Plus I keep hoping that I will find at least a few xmas gifts via catalog. I finally got through most of the catalogs last weekend and then we didn’t really get much mail at all for a few days and I figgered we were *done* with catalogs. And then I came home to an AVALANCHE of them today!!! Yiiy! (I *do* also shop at local businesses — here on The Planet Ann Arbor and I especially like to patronize shops in the god-forsaken yooperland. I will probably hit up a bunch of small shops here on The Planet this weekend.)

I dredged some old photooos out of iPhoto today. Last night, the GG made a kind of reckless statement that he had been closing the moomincabin for 10 years. I begged to differ. I am almost positive that, up until October 2005, my parents (both of them) did it (together). My old coot died in March 2006 and in October 2006, me and The Commander and Radical Betty did it. Mostly The Commander. Radical Betty and I were distractions at best. The GG was not there because he and the UU were out in SanFran visiting their “twin” daughters. I have a photo of Shakey Jake to prove it. After 2006, the GG definitely took the lead in closing the Moomincabin. I know that The Comm appreciated that.

So, here are some photos from the fall that The Comm (and I and RB) closed the moomincabin. It was a GORGEOUS weekend and there is a sandbar in the foreground and a salty in the parking place in the background. If I am not mistaken (and I may be), a huge snowstorm hit during the next week and The Comm and Radical Betty had to abandon a trip to Petoskey. Such is life in the yooperland.


The next photooo is an absolutely awful photo of The Commander. No, she is not crying! There were no tears that day. We were all having fun. I think she *was* struggling to remember how to shut down the water without my old coot being there. But I think that photo is just a random kind of thing where she was either messing with me or I randomly caught her at an awkward moment.


We packed a takeout lunch from Karl’s Cuisine (and whine) that day. And here is the ever elegant Radical Betty sitting on the front steps.


Finally, the event that will make me remember this particular day forever. I vaguely remember draining the water heater, etc., etc. The tree in the middle of the next photo suddenly turned into a whirling dervish and the top of it fell down and this is what was left, shelf fungus and all. There was NO WIND that day.


I miss the presence of these two women on the earth and at the Moominbeach greatly these days. They were not biological sisters (The Comm married RB’s older brother aka my old coot) but they were sisters of the heart. They loved each other, they carried on the beach culture my grandparents had established, and they had so much fun! And so did I for all of those years I shared with them.

5 Responses to “Put your phones down and don’t shout out answers!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Lemme guess. The cabins are on Memory Lane? Well, maybe today anyway. (teehee)

  2. Margaret Says:

    Awesome to get an in-law like that–and to remember so many wonderful memories with the three of you. I didn’t realize that your dad had died that recently.

  3. Paulette Says:

    Missing these strong Northern women (sigh).

  4. isa Says:

    @Margaret really, Radical Betty met The Commander first, as college roommates…

  5. isa Says:

    @Paulette P.S. me too!