Ho Ho Bah

xmaslightsI decided a while back that I didn’t really want to carry around both a phone and a camera. My camera was old and my iPhone was new and, really, is it the equipment or the photographer who creates the magic that goes into a good photoooo.

So one of the main reasons that I upgraded to the latest and greatest iPhone last weekend was because of the camera. BFF had already upgraded and she was raving about the new iPhone camera. She is a pretty serious amateur photographer who owns and uses multiple cameras so I take her opinions seriously and wrote on the web about how excited I was to get a camera upgrade, etc., etc, yada yada.

So, BFF wanted to know how I liked the camera. Huh? What? Alas. Truth be told, I got the new phone last Saturday and I have probably taken like four photos since then and one or two of those were actually screenshots of things I saw on the web and wanted to save, etc. Alas, I have been nose to the grindstone in one way or the other since I got my new phone. Home and work and home again, some bits of very unsuccessful shopping and a helping or two of wearisome crapola thrown in just for good measure. In the midst of it all, interesting things to photograph haven’t exactly jumped up in front of my face.

I am disappointed with this shot. I took an identical shot a week ago tonight with my 4S. I didn’t post it because it turned out about like this one. I’m posting this just because… It isn’t that the camera is bad. I think that the camera is probably wonderful. It is the photographer. Meeeee. I was scampering up Washington Street and I was dealing with glubs and stuff like that and kind of rushing to get to the Oscar Tango, where I knew the GG had a table and Rayanne had probably already dropped off my ‘hattan. I didn’t take any time to set up a decently framed photo and it was dark and, well, you get what you get. I’m posting it anyway. I will get to know the camera. Oh, it was Rayanne’s last night at the OT. She’s starting a job in her field. I hugged her (and gave her an extra good tip). I will miss her but I understand when it’s time to move on.

Oh man, “where’s the bus?” I yelled to the GG tonight. Had to urbanP. Stepped into the usual urbanP park and (yikes) there were people with dogs. And just enough snow to illuminate everything including an urbanP-er. I made it *almost* all the way home. I bagged it at Ritsema Woods (just behind The Landfill!) Nobody was around, not even a bus.

Good night,
Kayak Woman

2 Responses to “Ho Ho Bah”

  1. Sam Says:

    Glad you’re taking your new cam…er…phone out and about. Betcha it’s a better photo with the new cam…er…phone, you just can’t tell unless you make ’em big on your laptop. Anyway, I like the photo!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I am worried about depending on a phone as my camera. However, my daughters’ iPhones take better shots than the ancient Kodak camera I have, so it would have to be better. I just can’t haul the Nikon D-80 around in my purse!