Lucky-shuckial storm

westparkThat is, we are on Electra’s downside as I write this. Being a life-long resident of the Great White North, Electra is my first named storm unless you want to count Hurricane Ike, who dragged his fingertips across southeast Michigan and “flooded” (dampened) the normally dry (albeit scary) Landfill Dungeon.

Electra? Around town it was pretty much business as usual for this amount of snow (three to six inches). Probably would’ve been worse if it were a weekday. We actually didn’t drive anywhere today. Not so much because of the snow, the Frog Hopper is AWD and could easily deal with this stuff. We had other plans, which involved an early walk to the Plum Market (for me) and then a walk downtown (for me and the GG) when the stores opened for Christmas shopping. I was kind of dumbfounded when the Plum seafood counter guy asked me how the roads were. Well, I didn’t drive…

The walk downtown would’ve been absolutely loverly… Except… I ordered a new pair of LLBean snow tennies this year. I have been wearing those things since the beach urchins were in grade school. They are so warm that my feet are warm with only tights on. They are as comfortable as all getout. And they are comfortable for MILES. This new pair that I ordered? Yiiy! I was in agony most of the trip! LLBean has changed the fit! I should’ve known something was up when it said to order a half size up. I *did* that! They are *still* too tight! I was hoping that they just needed “breaking in” but I do not think that’s working. What to do… For now, I dredged my old pair out — so glad I didn’t discard them! They will work for now. Alas, I liked that form factor. (To maybe balance that out, I have FINALLY found a comfortable unmentionable of the sort that many women fling immediately when they return home from work in the afternoon. It’s even cotton [mostly], which is one of my requirements. I like this item so much I ordered four more. I still fling it when I get home from work but it is soooo much better than what I had before. And I do not EVER wear those damn underwire thingies. What value does a stoopid little waaaar in that particular location add to anything? Female friends? Just say NOOOO!)

So where was I? Our Mouse is in a play. We attended it the first night and we were thinking we would attend it again. Tonight ended up being our last option. But. There’s Electra. And the play is over in Ypsilanti. And Electra has left some nice snow behind and we have a faaaar-place, etc. So we bagged it. When I texted Mouse to tell her we were not going to make it, her response was more or less surprise that we were even thinking about attending the play more than once. She knows me. In an earlier version of my life, I helped produce a huge play production on this weekend in December every year. Our whole family was always involved and I rarely actually *sat* in the audience. I am not a sitter. The GG is better at that than I am.

Still, I love to watch Mouse in plays and I was torn today. Break a leg, kiddo!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I prefer to walk in the snow too, rather than drive. (in spite of my SUV and great tires) It’s pretty! You sound like my husband; he was never a sitter either. He stood at most gymnastics meets and concerts. I hate it when they change sizes of things that I wear. I need wider shoes, so it can be tricky for me to order on-line. I am not a flinger and do wear an underwire(for support) but lately I’ve been wearing exercise bras which are super comfy. 🙂