pamYes, I really do have FOUR (count ’em) cans of Pam in the three cupboards that pass for my pantry. Why? The short answer is, “I do not know.” The long answer is complicated. Like some of it probably came from the moomincabin or even The Comm’s house, even though I don’t remember her using a lot of Pam. More likely it’s that I was at the store buying pita bread to make my own pita chips and I couldn’t remember if I had Pam at home (I use it to make pita chips), so I bought some more. And there you have it. (That light in the background is not God, don’tcha know, just an amateur iPhoneographer [insert error aminal here].

I did my more or less twice-a-year food cupboard cleanout today. This was not a planned activity, I just sorta got going. Take everything off each shelf, WASH the shelf, put things back in an organized fashion. I always seem to find multiples of things that I don’t really need multiples of. I always seem to need tomato products so I need multiples of those. But I am not sure why I have three cans of bean sprouts. Especially since I always buy them fresh when I need them.

I have food in three cupboards (plus the refrigimatator, of course). The two upper cupboards and the lower one. The corner cupboards have the worst lazy susans in the universe. There are no rims on the shelves and things sometimes FALL OFF! Kabump kabang! A remodel will get rid of those things. But here’s the thing. These cabinets are half full. I’m thinking I don’t need a huge food pantry. I don’t really need to keep a lot of non-perishables around. (Yes, we are making ‘hattans there.)

landfillkitchenI won’t go into detail about my grokkery shopping habits but they sure have changed since the Plum Market opened up a few blocks from The Landfill. I can walk there pretty much whenever I want (once yesterday and twice today). I still do big stores like Meijer and Kroger and Glens, etc., in the Great White North and sometimes here on the Planet too. I do *not* want to schlep toilet paper home on foot and I cannot buy Windex wipes at The Plum.

I made a list of the stuff I currently have in my cupboards (two of them, I didn’t list the stuff in the upper right — 6 packets of hollandaise sauce, another item I use approximately twice a year) and I am gonna share it with you. What do you have in your cupboards?

Anise extract
Baked beans – 1 large, 1 small
Baker’s chocolate
Baking powder
Baking soda – 2 boxes
Balsamic vinegar – 4
Bamboo shoots
Bean sprouts – 3
Beef broth – one 8oz box
Black beans
Black olives – 2
Bread crumbs
Cane sugar
Canola oil
Chicken broth – 2 48 oz boxes
Chicken broth – 3
Chow mein noodles
Cider vinegar – 2
Condensed milk
Corn meal
Corn starch
Enchilada sauce – 2
Food coloring – green
French onions – 2
Grape seed oil
Green chiles – 2
Gumbo soup mix – 2
Lasagne noodles – 32
Lemon extract
Mushroom soup
Mushrooms – 2
Olive oil
Panko – partial box
Peanut butter – 2
Peppermint extract
Pizza sauce – 2
Raspberry vinegar
Red wine vinegar
Rice cooking wine
Rice pilaf – 2 flavors
Rice, instant containers
Sea salt
Shortening – small can, bars
Spaghetti – partial box
Tomato paste – 2
Tomato sauce
Water chestnuts
White vinegar
White wine vinegar

4 Responses to “Ru-pam-pam-pam-pam”

  1. Jay Says:

    Could I have some of your Baker’s Chocolate? I need 3 more ounces than I have.
    Going to try making Dark Chocolate and Pomegranate Bark.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I have too much stuff, but have no intention to inventory it. I’ll just look at expiration dates and either toss it or put it back. 🙂

  3. Pooh Says:

    “Lasagna – 32” !!! Is that 32 boxes, or 32 individual strips? Youth wants to know. 😉

  4. jane Says:

    I didn’t read your whole list, but will share one item from my cupboard — salt (Morton’s), box of Kosher salt, fleur de sel (2 containers from France, 1 from Spain – all hand-carried home or a gift), and Trader Joe’s sea salt.
    All that said, I don’t actually use a lot of salt. 😉