Where is that Green Guy when I need him?

xmasgiftI know where he is. He spent a year or thereabouts down here on The Planet Ann Arbor but he is back home now and I think he belongs there. I think his owner is kind of hiding and I don’t blame him, I’ve been hiding a bit too. I do miss Green Guy and I miss his owner but I bet they are spreading good cheer to their friends in the yooperland and I love them for that.

I *always* seem to have a Christmas Crisis day. I think that day is today. I have hit the wall. Got home and was greeted with, “What do you want for Christmas?” Well, other than some nice new MODERN snowshoes and the iPhone 5S that I already have, NOTHING!!! Please please please please don’t buy me that fancy new [$700] Rooomba! I LOVE that Roooomba. But I am not READY for it yet. I already have a cute little Roooomba (and three or four other vacuum cleaners) and I am thinking something like, “Where will I put it?”

I do not need to sit around and open presents on Christmas morning. It was fun when I was a kid. It was fun watching my kids open presents. But I do not neeeeeeed anything! What I dooooo [finally] want to do is remodel my damn chitchen. I want that prodject to be taken seriously and I want to start it after the holidays. I do not really care when it gets done but I long for the chance to reorganize this space so I can fit a few more of The Commander’s things in it and maybe even, uh, buy a couple or three new items. I think I will even get a new dishwasher. Even though I am a compulsive hand dish-washer, I’ve come full circle on that. I think I want one with drawers though.

To make matters worse, I do not really have a whole lot of things for [most] other people. The person asking the question has asked for exactly TWO things. I have been procrastinating about shopping (because I HATE to shop!), therefore, I cannot find one of those things, at least not one that meets that person’s requirements. So I had to ask for alternate requirements… And then I could not FIND the photoooo that he texted me for the other item, so I had to ASK HIM TO RESEND IT!!! Am I lame or what? (Don’t answer that!)

On top of everything else, the GG feels “sore-throaty” today. Oh joy. Please do not give it to me!!! Alas, I know enough about how communicable diseases work that I know I will get it unless my kick-ass immune system randomly decides to kick it out. At least it isn’t a damn vomiting virus. Respiratory viruses usually don’t keep me from walking or working or enjoying life.

2 Responses to “Where is that Green Guy when I need him?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    There is a lot of illness going around here. I hate the Christmas stress; I dealt with it for many years and am now done. I buy whatever or just give cash.

  2. Marquis Says:

    Good luck on that sore-throaty stuff, Anne goes to Plague Central tomorrow, the Early Childhood Center. Let the snot, phlegm and mucus flow!