Duck duck goose (or insert your fav-o-rite error aminal)

froghopperNo, this is not the result of an accident, unless you count a baggy old kayak woman INCHING as far as she can into her own personal parking place now that there is a big snowbank in front of it. I texted a photoooo of this to the GG with “?” as the only text. Of course, when he replied with something akin to “WTF”, I sent a second message assuring him that there had been no accident. He thinks that this little piece of trim (or whatever it is) was “glued” on but there are holes for bolts that never got installed. Likely he is right but I am still gonna look around for bolts in my parking place tomorrow.

Do you watch Duck Dynasty? I do not. Not that I haven’t ever indulged in Bad TV. I discovered Honey Boo Boo back in the winter of 2012 when The Commander was sick and entered hospice and I was stuck up in the yooperland, luxury camping in her house. When I first got there, the GG was with me and then when he had to leave, npJane came up to hang out with me and UKW flew all the way from the PacNW. Although she was there for me, I know that she made that pilgrimage to say goodbye to The Commander. I remember those days as a dark swirl of snow, schlepping down the escarpment in winter clothes and YakTrax before dawn most mornings, Christmas lights and YouTube videos at Command Central by night. Dark dark dark.

I wanted and needed people around me. I was kind of afraid to be alone in The Comm’s house. Eventually we got The Comm situated in hospice at Freighter View and I faced a period of time when I was alone in her house. I think I tried to cry when the GG left. But I was okay. I schlepped up and down the escarpment to Freighter View every day. There were people there to take care of her physical needs (which I really could not do and she didn’t WANT me to!!!). It was getting a little lighter outside. At night there was Bad TV. Honey Boo Boo. Self-absorbed, vacuous sorority gals. Whatever. I don’t think Duck Dynasty was around at that time.

I have mixed feelings about shows like Duck Dynasty (and remember, I have never watched it). It’s kind of like “Escanaba in Da Moonlight” for me. I just couldn’t get into that movie (it might’ve been better as a play, which is what it started as). My experience growing up in the yooperland had nothing to do with deer hunting. I was brought up “properly” to excel at school, go to church, and appreciate the arts. We lived in the woods (and on the beach) in the summer. Walking through the woods on our own beaten trails between the cabins (or down to the Three Sisters or the Fox Holes or even all the way Doelle’s) was just part of life. Nowadays I walk the North Country Trail and any other good trail I can get my feet on whenever I can. I am okay with deer hunting. I just don’t do it.

I have lost my train of thought here but I don’t really care what happens with the Duck Dynasty guy who made anti-gay statements. I disagree with whatever it was that he said (I am shielded by NPR news) but I am sorta more concerned that folks like this are making gazillions of dollars misrepresenting the citizens of the state in which they live. I continue to be taaaared when people find out that I am a yooper and stereotype me, even though I have always had relatives in lower Michigan and have resided on The Planet Ann Arbor for many many years. [And people stereotype me about *that* too. No, I do NOT grow pot in the back yard here!] But then, if Duck Dynasty is truly reality TV, people should be able to say what they think. I might abhor it and so might you but if we are going to go on into the future without strife, we have to talk…

What channel is Duck Dynasty on? I should watch it.

3 Responses to “Duck duck goose (or insert your fav-o-rite error aminal)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s on A&E. I’ve been seeing lots of talk on FB about it and many are up in arms about the freedom of speech. Makes me laugh a little. Is he in jail? No. Were there consequences for the venom he spouted from his employers? Yes, which happens for everyone and is not protected by the 1st Amendment. Didn’t people study civics in high school?

  2. jane Says:

    Margaret is right – A&E. I have never watched, nor am I likely to. And based on what I’ve heard he had anti-gay AND anti-black statements. Something about when he was growing up in the south pre-Civil Rights movement, the black people were happy, no worries. So yeah – say whatever you want, but don’t be shocked when there are consequences and differing opinions.

  3. gene Says:

    I don’t know whether you would find anything useful, but I get my bras from the Title Nine catalog.
    I have a current one if you are likely to be around us. We are not going anywhere over the holidays.

    Yours Bubs