Duck duck sploosh

glassThinking all day about what I very clumsily tried to articulate last night about the duck dynasty. I do not think what the duck dad said about gay folks was okay. I won’t try to take on the first amendment here. I am not a blasted lawyer rock thrower. The thing is that people *do* say things like that and I think at least some of those people believe in what they are saying. What I want to ask when I hear statements like that is, “Have you ever *met* a gay / black / Muslim / whatever person? Alien from Zephron 3? Someone who is somehow *different* than you?”

I think our society has a long way to go when it comes to accepting people who we perceive as different than us for whatever reason. I don’t think that racial slurs or nasty comments about religion or gender orientation are ever acceptable. But I also think it’s somewhat counterproductive to sling rocks at folks who make those statements without trying to understand where they are coming from. Why do they think that and what might it take to change their viewpoint?

I’m not sure if all of that made any more sense than the disorganized bunch of blather I wrote last night. It’s probably best if I just write about the weather and what I had for lunch and so I will. Man oh man, I do not think it is QUITE the shortest day of the year yet but it certainly was the darkest! Foggy ALL day as our snow melted. Rain in the late afternoon and evening. I wore my red Keens with Smartwool socks over tights on my walk down to the Oscar Tango. It was well after sundown when I left the Landfill at 5:20 or so. It rained on and off, sometimes hard, and navigating the terrain was a mixed bag. Street or sidewalk? Gingerly mincing through bits of leftover slippery slush. Splashing into puddles that turned out to be deeper than they looked. Diving out of the way of motorized traffic, knowing that I was almost invisible, except maybe when I had my umbrella opened up. My feet were wet when I got downtown. They were also warm! Home again, clean and dry after taking an evening shower, my second today. Thank the gods for huge freshwater lakes.

Good night,
Kayak Woman

2 Responses to “Duck duck sploosh”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Having friends who are gay/Muslim/Jewish makes one unable to see them as anything other than people who are pursuing their lives in the way they believe. (or were born) It is difficult to judge when one has that perspective. The 1st Amendment has nothing to do with that guy’s job issues; it’s more about the corporation that employs him and their rules. They are not even nearly as strict as the business I’m employed in.

  2. UU Says:

    I whole heartedly agree on live and let live, but I think the real issue is that political correctness has gone too far. You are free to have your opinion or convictions unless they conflict with the liberal media. If you don’t conform to the politically correct view, you are persecuted.
    Very low tolerance for other views from the “open minded” liberal elite. We all have differences to be respected, and that includes our thoughts and convictions about __________.
    Good post.