“Snowy and Snowy are here. It’s time!”

snowysnowyYay for spacification! I love to work. I love to schlep myself over to Cubeland every day. One of the downsides is that I am rarely home alone in my house. I was feeling just a weeeeee bit panicky about the Christmas holiday over the last week or so. Today I worked from home. Before the Queen Bee left for her vacation, I promised her that I would be an ACH expert when she returned and I am getting there.

Working from home allowed me to get started a lot earlier than when I schlep over to Cubeland. I took my Skunk Walk and then I got to work, taking mini-breaks to eat and start rooooomba up, wrap a package or two (literally), and sort a bitsy load of laundry. I knocked off around three. I needed some grokkeries of the sort that I couldn’t really schlep home in a backpack. Okay, I’ll just go to Meijer. So I saddled up the Ninja and headed out to Meijer. Oh, yeah. You don’t just *go* to Meijer at three in the afternoon two days before Christmas. Oh, there were a few parking places left but I thought about how long the line to the uscan would be and I decided to bag it. I took the slow route home along the river and spent the rest of the afternoon pre-cooking stuff for our minimalist xmas dinner. It’ll be a whole heckuva a lot easier to “just go to Meijer” after my Skunk Walk tomorrow morning.

In general, I am not as “panicky” (that’s a relative term) about Christmas as I usually am. I’ve made enough progress organizing and de-hoarding The Landfill that I can [sometimes] breathe just a bit. I actually curated no less than *three* little Christmas displays in the Front Room out of a combination of my stuff and The Comm’s stuff. The refrigimatator is not totally jam-packed with stuff. The Commander’s xmas cookie recipes (and a few new ones I found on Pinterest…) are insinuating themselves into my consciousness.

I’m not doing much more about Christmas except for things I already had on my agenda. I’m taking tomorrow off. It’ll be one of the two vacation days I have left. It’s fine. I know that I have readers who are facing a much more difficult holiday than I am. It is my firm belief that winter celebrations that fall near the winter solstice are all about warmth and light. I hope y’all have both of those things and much more.

In peace and good will,
Kayak Woman

5 Responses to ““Snowy and Snowy are here. It’s time!””

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have a lot of time off, but also sadness at this time of year. Have had a few special relatives(my great-aunt and my aunt) die on Christmas Eve. Hoping for lots of good cookie baking, music and special times with my girls and our family. The same to you!!

  2. Pooh Says:

    When in danger or in doubt,
    Run in circles, scream and shout,

    Some things will be late — like Dave’s hat, or the package and last few cards that got mailed yesterday afternoon, but I don’t have to panic about them.
    Other things, like will the turkey breast thaw in time, may be more panic worthy. I tend to stretch some of the holiday activities into the 12 Days of Christmas between the 25th and January 6th. I bought most of the ingredients for cucidata yesterday. Couldn’t find dried peaches. May the increasing light and warmth bring you cheer!

  3. jane Says:

    so happy to hear that Pooh isn’t worried that some things will be late. because my gift to her just might be. 😉 or who knows, the USPS might deliver it right on time!

    warmth and light – so happy to see the sun this morning!!!

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Pooh, put the turkey breast in a sink (or cooler) full of cold water — one thing I *don’t* panic about although sometimes “others” try to make me panic! 😉

  5. Paulette Says:

    Ok. So we have light at least. And a snowstorm coming tonight.