Not too shabby fer gubmint work

plumbersantaHere’s yer fav-o-rite gubmint employee moonlighting as a plumber. Too bad he doesn’t get paid for moonlighting because he’s pretty dern good at plumbing. Here’s his temporary xmas day fix and I took this photooo today as he was off to the hardware store (after working a full day for the, you know, gubmint) to get a *real* part.

I grew up in a household where an overflowing terlet was cause for Great Alarm and Panic. Bzzzzt! Bzzzzzt! Bzzzzt! Warning warning! Danger Will Robinson! I was TERRIFIED that the terlet would overflow! After a few years hannnnnngggging around with the CFam, dumping buckets of water down the old HL terlet in the winter, I got pretty damn good at wielding a terlet plunger. 98% of the time, that’s all you need to unclog a terlet. Another 1% of the time, a Courtois boy can handle it. The last 1% you actually need to call a certified plumber. It takes an extraordinary situation for a Courtois boy to give up on a plumbing problem (or even an ancient oil furnace) but I have seen them do it.

And so, I worked from home again today. I can remember a Christmas season when I more or less kind of “shut down” between Christmas and sometime after the new year. I was soooooo taaaarrred! That was a long time ago when the Hot Lava Girls were teenagers and there was no reason for it. Just a psychological thing. I didn’t have a nice paid career at that time. Not this year! Xmas was loverly and I had fun and tons of energy and *today*, I got one heckuva lot of creative design work done (pictures / flowcharts and the like, the groundwork for my current work of art functional spec). Plus I ran a load of laundry and set Roooomba off to clean floors. That was all while kibbitzing with the beach urchins as they packed up their xmas stuff (and laundry (I love when they bring their laundry here)) and headed off to their own jobs / homes, etc.

The GG is down in the Dungeon right now installing the real part. I know it will work. If it doesn’t he will fix it!

P. S. Don’t fergit to jiggle the handle!

P. S. S. I did my last load of laundry at my moom’s house back in July or August…

One Response to “Not too shabby fer gubmint work”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My husband could fix just about anything, but he hated plumbing projects the most. (especially replacing sink parts, which never seemed to fit back together and required a couple trips back to the store) I am now at the mercy of “professionals” for my repairs–expensive and scary. I trusted Patt!!