Merry Christmas Are we having fun yet?


The GG:

(1) slow running bathtub drain
(2) remove hair from drain
(3) clog of hair goes slips down drain and completes pipe blockage; bathtub will not drain
(4) attempt to snake out drain pipe
(5) metal snake pokes hole in drain trap and water runs into basement (I did put a bucket under trap in the basement just in case of such an event)
(6) remove “holy” drain trap (holey)
(7) have devil of a time snaking out long horizontal drain pipe ; smelly black crud and hair
(8) hardware stores are closed – make temporary repair to drain trap
(9) everything is back in working order – the temporary fix works really well; will install new trap tomorrow.
(10) Merry Christmas; It kept me busy.

Okay, that wasn’t *all* that happened today. Here’s Gertrude humming along making eggs benny:


Late morning samosas mimosas:


Twitter play:
@tmotu: Who’s in charge of making the samosas?
@kayakwoman: Samosas???
@mouseleen and/or @elizilla: Did you mean *mimosas*?

Also note the loverly red glass dish holding the paper whites (do NOT notice the Froogs! They hog enough attention!*). I received (thankfully!) a small number of carefully chosen *useful* gifts (and yes, I did get my coveted new snowshoes). And this beautiful dish, which Mouse snagged at Treasure Mart. I told her that she was lucky she managed to snag it before Broooosie got there. Colored glass items occupy a small section of my “most coveted items” list. I wouldn’t say I am a serious collector, in fact (as you know if you are a regular reader) I am in a deacquisitional, anti-hoarding phase of life. But I LOVE this dish and you will NOT find it on eBay!

Finally, this may not be the Lyme Lounge but it does emulate the good old Little Princess, except for the red.


*Some penguin posted a bottle of Dead Guy Whiskey on facebook and the last time I saw Froooggy, he was stumbling out to his Flyin’ Musheen drunkenly caterwauling about whiskey and listerine and londry detergent. Folks out on the Left Coast, beware if you see Buoy 22 coming your way. It is NOT Sandy Claws!

3 Responses to “Merry Christmas Are we having fun yet?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your Christmas sounds a bit like mine, with adventures over the leaky garbage disposal and the broken dryer knob. JUST what I didn’t need, but it will get worked out. (I hope!) Hope that you’re feeling merry after those “samosas”! 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    Well, I guess since you had a Hairy Christmas, all I can do is wish you a Mappy New Year! Geocaching, anyone?

  3. Jay Says:

    I feel bad that all we had was one non-working burner.
    But it’s a new stove, and if it is not figured out I will just call it in. (And I absolutely did not try to figure it out in the middle of everything.)
    Merry boxing day!