The culprit?


Back up for now. I honestly do not know how people (like me) who aren’t particularly skilled at futzing around with waaaarrrrs and things manage internet outages. Comcast told the GG they could send someone out around January 23rd or something. WHAT? Service anyone? (We really don’t have another viable service provider around here.)

May today be a better day!

3 Responses to “The culprit?”

  1. GG Says:

    Comcast Service is oriented towards troubleshooting problems inside your house. Comcast diagnostics generally say everything is okay – even if the cable is disconnected! Therefore, the problem is with the customer.

    We apparently have a weather sensitive connection where the Comcast cable connects to our house. Our service is not reliable.

    I cleaned the connectors and replaced the three-way splitter with a couple of old two-way splitters. Internet service is restored – for now.

    Watching and waiting…

  2. Sam Says:

    We have repeating squirrel degradation problems with our outdoor waaaarrrrs. I want more hawks! (Or bald eagles….)

  3. Margaret Says:

    Very clever of the GG. My husband was also very good at trouble shooting connections and splitters and such, although he was NOT a computer guy.