Let’s go! Let’s go! L-e-t-s-g-o!

uglyI didn’t chicken out today. We have a certified Kitchen Lady coming over to the Landfill at 11:30 tomorrow morning to take her own measurements (thank you very much!) and billions of photooooos. She warned me that she would want to take pictures of what’s *in* my cabinets. I am okay with that!

I liked this person. I liked her from the moment she said she had just eaten ramen noodles and made a snarky remark about what a wondrous brunch they made. It was just the kind of thing I would have said if the only thing I had around to eat was ramen noodles and she said it in a very KW over-the-top snarky / friendly tone of voice. When I mentioned the Blue and Only Bathroom, she said, “I had the Pink and Only Bathroom”. “Had” is an operative word here but I knew that she *got* it! We weren’t exactly finishing each other’s sentences (“other’s” or “others'”? The Great Google does not provide quick / easy answers. Grammar mavens?) but we had plenty of common ground and we shared personal information but were also able to get back on track. I liked that. And she was zippy. Like me. But not in that pinhead way.

I hope I’m not just being giddy about this. I know we have a slodge ahead of us and there’ll be moments when I’ll be hanging my head in despair or more likely screaming!!! KW, grow up already. Alas, I still have those moments. As awful as they are, they are a reset for me. I almost always feel better after they are done. Onward and upward.

4 Responses to “Let’s go! Let’s go! L-e-t-s-g-o!”

  1. isa Says:

    I’ll miss that weird 70s colors kitchen but… hurray!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I want changes and improvements but HATE the chaos that they require. I’m waiting to hear from my master bathroom guy. It will involve a HECK of a lot of work from me, especially when they go to paint the closet along with the bathroom. Ouch. Other’s unless there is more than one other.

  3. jane Says:

    what’s the name of the company/woman you went with?

  4. Tonya Says:

    Good for you! Yes, it will be a slog and will take longer than you expect/hope, and it WILL be chaotic, but be brave and bold! (And go forth, and all that jazz!) Lol