That’s a pretty interesting outfit!

colorsThis is what I wore into work this morning. I also had my sequined bomber hat on. And that title is what the Young Whippersnapper who was grabbing some kind of breakfast bar or whatever in the lunch room said when I arrived, after doing a double-take. Yeah, pretty funky outfit, if I do say so myself. And dooya know what? I laughed! I was rocking that outfit! Nevertheless, I changed out of those shoes and socks into my gray biz-caz Jambus when I got into my cube. Not that anyone around there cared.

I am all about color. Black black black (it goes with everything!) but also red and turquoise and sometimes green. And sparkly stuff, albeit usually in smallish doses. I am not a pastel kind of gal although I certainly admire it on other people or in nature. I’m pretty sure I overwhelmed The Commander with my exuberant use of color. She had very good taste but it was a weeeeeee bit more subtle than mine.

Yes, CKL came over today. Measuring and photographing and talking up a storm. What do you think about lighting? She *got* that I like natural light. You know, the kind that comes from Mr. Golden Sun. She got that I’m not crazy about lots of overhead light. She got that, despite the Landfill Chichen’s shortcomings, I have gotten along with it for years. I told her about some of the other chichens I know and love and showed her photooos of our beloved moomincabin chichen. My words about that are waaaaay too long and disorganized for this blahg but but I think she got it. (Six-word version: humble beginnings with lots of love.)

Color? Yes, color! KW: I am a color-driven person! (I reeeaaaally am, see photooo.) CKL: Bright colors? KW: Yes! And we talked color for a bit. And we aren’t finished yet of course but SHE GOT IT! And no, I won’t subject the GG to chartreuse countertops but there will be some color.

What else? An initial pass-through about structural and lucky-shuckial stuff. A carpenter will also come out to evaluate. She survived THE LANDFILL DUNGEON!!!! She noticed THE SCARY MANNEQUIN (and all kinds of other weird artifacts) and lived to tell about it. (The GG disposed of a [dead] specimen of mus musculus before she got here but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t’ve freaked CKL out.)

That is about all. My brain is full and I am tasked with collecting photooos on Houzz for the next week. I’ve had a Houzz profile for a while but have used the site only randomly up until now. Onward.

3 Responses to “That’s a pretty interesting outfit!”

  1. Tonya Says:

    Love Houzz! It’s been very helpful with our house building (plus FUN).

  2. Margaret Says:

    I can’t wait to see the progress and finished photos. I am excited for yet dreading when the contractor finally calls me to do the bathroom remodel. I am going to be a basket case. Glad you found such a simpatica person. 🙂

  3. Pooh Says:

    I think turquoise and red would be fun accent colors, not that you asked. The photo you posted yesterday shows the good side of the kitchen, and the red did catch my eye.