I am sick to death of the color white so here’s some bluuuuuuue…

blueAt least I am sick of looking at white out my veeeendsheeeld. Light snow all afternoon here made the evening commute a total disaster. The I94 18-wheel Clogway is normally my quickest route home. I don’t touch it in snow. I snake my way through town. I won’t even try to describe the scene (in detail) as I drove over the State Street I94 overpass. Eastbound (not my direction) is *always* hosed at the end of the day but it was infinitely worse today. Westbound? Well, people were off the road down in the damn cloverleaf entrance [that I usually take] and I saw emergency lights a little way off to the east. I eventually got home and read about a billion tweets about traffic backups and/or accidents. People go too fast when it snows and our city is *terrible* about snow / ice removal. That is all. Please slow down.

I hate when my sleep cycle doesn’t exactly coincide with the time I want to wake up. And so this morning, about a half hour before I got up, I dreamed that I was madly trying to photograph the Old Cabin Chichen with my iPhone. I mean the OLD Old Cabin Chichen from when I was a kid and us cuzzints would submarine under that big old table and fight about who got what color plate, not My Dear Uncle Harry’s beautiful reno. Those were the days. There was a lucky-shuckial stove but there was also a WOOD stove and I can remember people lifting the burners off the top of that and flames shooting out and I can remember people *successfully* baking pies in that thing. It was also zero degrees out and I was thinking that the pipes garden hose would freeze and it was snowing to beat the band and I was worried about The Commander driving us outta there… … … And then I woke up, thank you god…

Obviously I have kitchens on the brain. I wish we had more pictures of the Old Cabin kitchen as it was when I was a kid but people didn’t have iPhones back then. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I’m not sure we know yet although I am interested in opinions. My new kitchen will look nothing like the Old Cabin kitchen, as much as I loved that space. It will be quite “modern” whatever that means. But as I get more and more involved in designing my own new kitchen, I know that I will want to incorporate little bits and pieces of my roots. And that cabin is part of my roots. But I hope I don’t dream about that again tonight!

4 Responses to “I am sick to death of the color white so here’s some bluuuuuuue…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have this stereotype that EVERY other place is better at snow removal than here, since we get so little of it. However, winter weather is rare thus they can monitor the forecast and throw down de-icer to help with the conditions. I can’t wait to see your new kitchen…whenever. 😉

  2. Marquis Says:


  3. Tonya Says:

    I’m over winter. (And it’s been a wimp here so far). I’m leaning into the extra 45 minutes of daylight since just a month ago, and encouraging more (“here light, come to mama!”) I want light, warmth, and a Super Bowl win! Heh!

  4. jane Says:

    I’m over the cold. The snow is pretty (although my drive home last night took 4x longer than usual), but the cold has been too cold this winter.
    I miss the old old kitchen. and the wood stove that I found so fascinating! I’m not asking you to put one of those behemoths in your new kitchen…. but wouldn’t that be cool?!? 😉