If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

wintersunsetYes, The Commander’s ashes are churning at my grammar and use of the word “ain’t”.

Ongoing Comcast saga in soundbites:

— One week ago, our internet service went down.

— The GG is a trooper at trouble-shooting stuff like this but he couldn’t figure it out.

— The GG finally, reluctantly called Comcast. They said they could send someone out in a week. (A WEEK!!!!) That would be today.

— The next day, the GG fixed the internet. It was a “bad” “splitter”. I think it took him about five minutes.

— Meanwhile, Comcast tried to call me on my iPhone. They were supposed to call the GG but they called me. Probably because the service is in my name… I missed the call. When I tried to call back, I was met with a maze of menus. Since the internet was back in business at The Landfill, I hung up.

— The internet has worked swimmingly all week.

— Today, a Comcast Guy called the GG. He was parked in front of The Landfill and wanted to know what the “problem” was (i.e., why we had called for service). The GG told him he had gotten it working and then said he (Comcast Guy) could “clean up the connectors, etc.”

— The Comcast Guy did as he was told.

— Now the internet does not work. Actually, the GG got it to work for a few minutes by knocking out the TV service. But we he wants the TV to work (okay, so do I) so he forged ahead in trying to make both work and…


I am not blaming the Comcast Guy for this. I just think that the usability surrounding internet connections sucks in general. Nowadays you can use your cellphone to open your front door and set your thermostat from Timbuktu if you want to. Why can’t internet service providers make all o’ them thar hubs and waaaaars and things more user friendly? If somebody figures out how to do that, they will put Comcast out of business. I nominate jamadots to work on this. I have never had a problem with jamadots. A Yooper company…

So, what else. Nadir called the GG today! What a blast from the past. I used to work with Nadir during the last couple years of my Childhood Career. I loved working with him. I will never forget the day an HR person from CSC came out to tell us that we were going to be laid off in x months. (We weren’t but that’s a whole ‘nother story.) I was wearing my [then] beloved three-tiered wooden-beaded Fish Necklace. I think I bought it down in Fla. In the middle of her rather shaky little presentation, my necklace decided to disintegrate. Beads were rolling all over the floor and Nadir and I were scrambling on our hands and knees to collect them. HR person? A bit discombobulated. Me? Never even attempted to put that necklace back together and nowadays don’t wear jewelry very often at all, except for earrings. Anyway, Nadir was and is a Class A person.

Finally, weather? Yes, this is Michigan and it snows in the winter. Problem? People. People who drive too fast in slippery conditions. People who think that driving a 4WD vee-hickle automatically protects you from sliding on snow and ice. Guess what? 4WD is great for navigating mud and deep snow, etc. But you can’t go very fast in those conditions. Black ice doesn’t give a flying f*ck what kind of drive train (?) you have. When MMCB and I looked at Google maps on my phone as we were preparing to leave Barry Bagels this morning, the entire freeway system ringing The Planet Ann Arbor was yellow and red. I don’t usually take the freeway to work (although I often take it home). I certainly didn’t today. When I got to work, Cube Nayber reported that she almost slid off the road by just barely tapping the brakes in her normally stable minivan. Renee had watched someone on eastbound I94 do a 360, hit a guardrail, bounce off the guardrail, do another 360, hitting another car at some point, then “fly” off into the ditch. Snow / ice removal has been horrible around here the last few years and people do not seem to understand that it is important to SLOW DOWN when the roads are slippery.

I love all of my [five] readers. Please stay warm and drive slowly and cautiously.

4 Responses to “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like things to WORK!! I don’t really care if they do or even want to understand them, as long as I have TV and internet. (and of course electricity, which Patt, who was an electronics tech in the military, always called Pure F*cking Magic) I drive an SUV with AWD, and 4 WD high and low, as well as studless snow tires, and so I really don’t understand people who over drive the conditions. You can’t slow down or stop in ice or go down a hill without dire consequences. No worries here though, it’s sunny and blue sky with not a hint of snow. 🙂

  2. Margaret Says:

    I should say, I don’t really care how they do…

  3. l4827 Says:

    CSC blasts from the past ARE always fun ….

  4. Pooh Says:

    Is snow removal one of those “socialist” things that “tax and spend Dernocrats” are always trying to shove down the throats of red-blooded Americans? Just Kidding of course!

    Glad you checked first. I generally avoid the highways when the conditions are awful. I don’t like the feeling of being trapped until the next exit. My commute nowadays, goes over, or under, the highway, depending on which way I go for the mile or two I have.