No serial killer today

vortextreeWait! What is that big van out there in the street behind The Commander’s glass pine tree? The one with the yellow flashing light on top? Is it a serial killer? Nooooo it is not. It is Comcast Guy, come to save the day! Something like Mighty Mouse. And guess what? He ROCKED! Replaced our crappy old squirrel-chewed, kinked up cables and even climbed up a pole in five degree above zero weather (that’s Fahrenheit, folks, but you knew that).

We have been struggling on and off for MONTHS (maybe longer) with intermittent outages. “We” are DIYers when it comes to ‘puter stuff, if at all possible. I know how to plug and unplug waaaars and things up to a point. The GG knows [most of] the lingo and gets a whole heckuva lot further into it than I do. But he finally held up a white flag and called Comcast. Multiple times, in fact. Finally. Today. Comcast sent out Comcast Guy, who actually checked our “signal” and said something like “57 upstream is absolutely unacceptable”. Who knew? Comcast Guy got to directly to work despite the blasted polar vortex. He worked here at the house and climbed a pole in the neighbors’ yard, moving his van as he changed yards so that neighbors would know that the character tromping through their yard was there on a utility mission and not looking for people to, you know, kill. He was pretty appalled about the last guy that came out here from Comcast.

Comcast Guy is a Class Act but I remain unimpressed with Comcast’s customer service and user-friendly-ness in general. The GG has spent a *lot* of time on the phone / online with Comcast (or waiting to find a human) and has been told over and over and over and over again that the signal is fine. NOT!!!

I think five degrees was our high temperature today. I think I saw eight on the Frog Hopper dash on the way home? I’m not sure. I was paying attention to the road surfaces. Ice or not? The temperature is now back down to zero. Despite that, I just snaked out the front door around the corner to put stuff into the recycle cart without putting on a hat, scarf, jacket or two, and boots. Without a hat? Nod to 16-year-old self. I was wearing “nothing on at all”. Which means I was wearing the clothing I wear in the loverly Landfill with modern natural gas central heat and a faaaarplace. I think I am acclimating. Is that a good thing?

Also, I will not be watching the state of the union speech tonight. The last (and maybe the only) time I watched it was with The Commander in her room at Freighter View. She watched the whole thing (I think). I dozed a bit by her side. I dunno what history will have to say about Obama but I know that, at some point in her life, my mother switched from routinely voting a straight Republican ticket into voting for Barack Obama. My mother was an intelligent, educated woman and not senile in any way shape or form. Republicans, take note! I am done for now. Good night. Don’t freeze when you take your recycling out.

2 Responses to “No serial killer today”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Brrrr! I can’t imagine those temps. Stay warm!! I’m glad that the internet is fixed. I have comcast too and haven’t had issues YET, but will check out my options if I do. (they are few around here)

  2. jane Says:

    I have not taken my recycling or garbage out for a few weeks. The bins are around back and there has been enough snow that dragging thru 14 new inches or 9 new inches was more than I cared to do. And I’ve managed since I don’t create a ton of garbage and have the big bin. I did take a bag of newspapers over to Harry’s though, since my recycling bin is the small one….