Stopping for a few moments of beauty in polar vortex Leon

suntreesOh, there’s the GG. I was working on making taco salad and the handy-dandy food-on-hand list I made in Evernote said I had black beans. It lied. Er, that would be me lying to myself [insert error aminal here]. I did indeed have a can with “black bean” in the label. Alas, it was *refried* black beans. So I texted the GG, “Would you mind picking up some black beans?” He asked for specs. I said something like, “Regular black beans, not refried, regular sized can aka 14-16 oz or whatever”. He seemed to be taking a while so I figgered he was wandering around the Plum Market picking up snack food since I don’t buy a whole heckuva lot of that. Not so much — although that wouldda been okay — but he did buy EXACTLY what I asked him to. Yaaaay!!

It’s on my mind that we are meeting with CKL tomorrow afternoon and that means we [hopefully] enter into the next phase of Operation Landfill Chichen Reno. It’ll be a while before the place gets gutted but the minimalist I am turning into is thinking about how to use up what food is here so we don’t have to store a whole lotta stuff. We will still have the refrigimatator for the duration (I think!) but I don’t want a whole lotta stuff in it.

Beauty in polar vortex Leon? I’m not even sure we in the god-forsaken Great Lake State are actually *in* polar vortex Leon. Or maybe the polar vortex and Leon are two different events. I have been kvetching about the weather here but it is truly not out of the ordinary for this part of the country. I think we are just having *winter*! Leon has been very tough on our southern neighbors and I wish them well.

That said, when I got home today, it was 16 degrees (now down to 10 though) and the sun was sinking into the horizon. I schlepped my work crap into the Landfill, sorted several days worth of mail (didn’t get delivered for two days in a row), cleaned up a mess in my lunch bag, and then… Took a short walk and got a few photooos including this one showing the light of the setting sun on the trees in the little woods behind the Landfill. One of the things I love about winter is being able to see the “bones” of the trees.

3 Responses to “Stopping for a few moments of beauty in polar vortex Leon”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a beautiful photo–winter is gorgeous at times. Snow is lovely(minus driving in it) and the sunrises and sunsets can be spectacular. Still, I hate to be cold, so it would be tough for me back there. I would be huddled at the coffee pot. 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    yesterday morning there was a wonderful tiny sliver of moon in the early morning. maybe 6:45ish? it was so nice that we had a clear sky for a change! I even went out at lunch yesterday just to enjoy the actual sun shining. 😉

  3. Pooh Says:

    I saw the sliver of a moon on Wednesday morning too! There was a planet, maybe Jupiter (?), leading the moon by a bit. It was gorgeous.