Remember when there were tomato plants taller than Mouse in the garden behind this arbor?

winterarborNot the greatest photoooo but this was in the height of the latest polar vortex and it is what it is. The highs this afternoon were enough over 30 that things got really sloppy. I left work early and sloshed downtown to meet the Twinz of Terror at the Red Hawk Barrooom for dinner before the Folk Festival. They took off for that and I sloshed home.

I wore my YakTrax most of the way downtown but took them off somewhere on Washington Street and didn’t ever put them back on. Had a great conversation with a nice gentleman while walking down the hill on Washington on the homeward trip. One of those weird things where you are walking next to someone you are not *with* and you are both kind of eyeballing each other via a sideways glance and finally I just said something like, “I’m being careful because I’m watching out for black ice.” Guess what? So was he! If I’d had my YakTrax on, I would’ve asked if he wanted an arm but they were in my backpack, so I didn’t. Anyway, it wasn’t slippery and we both made it down the hill safely and I Red-Queened up the rest of Washington and then over into my neighborhood and home and I don’t know where my new boyfriend went. I didn’t look back. I made it the whole way home without YakTrax. It’s now down into the 20s so I’ll probably be wearing them again in the morning.

So, while I was at work today, a big party happened at my house. CKL got a carpenter(?) out here to drill into various wall-type places in the Landfill Chitchen to find out what was in there. So there are holes in my chitchen now. We are gonna gut the Landfill Chitchen in a couple months. I love it.

I had an epiphany about this whole thing at work today. I had already figgered the scenario of having the refrigerator in the living room and cooking on the grill. I can handle that but the idea of washing dishes in the Blue and Only Bathroom is not my fave. But then I remembered that we have the Lyme Lounge. Wahooo! We could easily park the Lyme Lounge in our driveway for the duration. It has a stove and a sink and a water supply. This could be fun!

3 Responses to “Remember when there were tomato plants taller than Mouse in the garden behind this arbor?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You’ll be camping out in your driveway!! Everyone here is talking to everyone else these days because of Seahawk fever. 🙂 It’s pretty fun and very unifying.

  2. Sam Says:

    Be careful with low temps and any exposed trailer-pipes…. Still plenty of rotten snow in the building shadows here in ATL….

  3. Jay Says:

    Isn’t it exciting – the kitchen that is.
    I am sure you will manage. If it is warmer, set up an outdoor sink with two basins and a teakettle of water. I know you know how.