I guess I could’ve packed the stack of pie dishes away today…

cablesI clicked on a link from Houzz (or Dwell or Remodelista or Design Sponge or someplace) today. The link led to a list of things to do to prepare for a remodel. Number one on the list was to pack things away. Guess what? I had already packed up three boxes by the time I read that. I packed up two more today. Common sense.

Is it early? Maybe. Our targeted start date is in April. But I do not want to be packing stuff up in a big panic the last couple weekends before the [proverbial] wrecking ball descends. I want to do it at a slow pace, carefully considering what I want to keep and what I want to donate or whatever. Hmmm, maybe I will have a giveaway table at the moomincabin next summer? Give family and friends first dibs on some of my stuff as well as The Commander’s. Just thinking out loud for the moment anyway. So the Queen of Bubble Wrap and Banker’s Boxes swung into action on this wintery weekend and got a pretty dern good start if I do say so myself.

Random thoughts along the way: 1) What the heck are all these cables for? They were in my “office”, a small wicker box (like 12″ x 6″ x 4″ — *small*). I labeled them and put them by the GG’s ‘puter. 2) A lot of the stuff I currently have in my chitchen doesn’t “match” the style of the chitchen. Or maybe it does. The current chitchen style is kind of Grab Bag and so is all of my stuff. It isn’t all going to “match” the new chitchen. Some of it will be woefully out of place. Can I use it elsewhere in The Landfill? Where? Do I need to remodel the rest of The Landfill? (Yes…) 3) Not that everything has to match, of course. I could get really OCD about that but I like to keep a tight rein on any of the OCD issues I do have. Like please stay over there in the shadows and don’t bother anybody besides Kayak Woman!!!! !!!!

junkdrawersI do not have a Junk Drawer. I have Junk Drawers! I emptied my Junk Drawers yesterday (except for the two leftmost ones, which contain a billion paper clips and things). How many tape measures can a person own and who would want that watch? I bought the drawer thingy at Pier 1 in the Island Teal POC Era. It has served well in the Grab Bag Chitchen but it won’t really match the new one. So, what will I do with it? Will I give it away (any takers?)? Will I find a new home for it? What will I do with the STUFF that’s in it? I do not yet know where all of those random items will find a home. I will not get rid of those old 1st National Bank tape measures. I’m sure they were 1950s perks from my dad’s place of employment.

I am not a big sports fan. I particularly have very mixed feelings about football and the culture that often surrounds it. I do like the ambiance of football on TV — in the BACKGROUND! I do like to see marching bands at halftime. As far as I know, the Superbowl prefers crappy (in my opinion) pop singers at halftime. All that said, of *course* I am rooting for the Seahawks! I have three first cuzzints in the PAC northwest and a nephew and a couple of long-time blahggy friends. (At least one of those cuzzints probably couldn’t care less about football and is most likely playing one of her mbiras…) The GG has tried to get me to understand some stuff that has gone on early in the game. Sorry, I will not watch the game, at least not actively. I am a jinx! I am listening to folk music here in the Landfill Chitchen tonight!

Go Seahawks!!

3 Responses to “I guess I could’ve packed the stack of pie dishes away today…”

  1. Jay Says:

    Is the drawer thingie close enough to the blue subway tile?
    Yes, packing in stages is definitely the way to go. It also points out what you don’t really need (emotional savings aside).


  2. Margaret Says:

    THANK YOU. I am sitting here, weepy because Patt would have loved the 1st half. I don’t think I’ve ever watched the Superbowl before, at least not all of it. Part of me is doing it for him. The guy who is remodeling my bathroom hasn’t called back, so I’m able to procrastinate a bit. It will involve a lot of cleaning out and packing. Ugh.

  3. jane Says:

    I texted Jay during the game to find out if Ashlan was at the game. Got a quick reply that she was not allowed to talk to others during the big game. 😉 I saw the beginning and end of the game. Had 5 people over for dinner and Downton – as I do most Sunday’s. We watch it a week behind (so no spoilers!) because people have early Monday mornings, so getting home after 10:00 isn’t a good idea.

    Anyway – congrats to the Seahawks!