Breakfast in my first chitchen

superiorkitchenWhat do I remember in this photooo?

The white cabinets.

The red cabinet interiors. Hmmm… painting the insides of cabinets? Hmmm… Yellow? Maybe a few? … … … I know. I dunno why yellow either… But maybe not…

That stove, believe it or not. Vaguely. I may remember it mainly because I remember us getting a *new* stove. It had pushbutton controls. I think I had a play stove with pushbutton controls. It was so cool!

That stool!

Jergen’s lotion! The Comm *always* had Jergen’s around. I remember the smell. I don’t use lotion. My teenage years were absolute hell with greasy hair and acne but nowadays I do not have lizard skin. But there is a reason I wash my hair virtually every day.

That cup. But why? Did we have china like that? My parents had Russell Wright china. Who had china like that cup? Somebody did. Did my parents steal that cup from a relative? Note that I was trusted with a china cup at that early age. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t use a *glass* glass or anything but china. We did not have melamime or plastic stuff as a rule. Did I break things? Of course I did. But I was never punished for it.

That shabby looking broom closet-type cupboard over on my right. Gertrude lived on the interior of the left-hand door to that closet, forever draped over her ironing board in a permanent state of housewifely exhaustion. I wish I had that cartoon. I have googled and googled and googled and googled and I cannot find a 1950s-era cartoon with a beleaguered housewife-type character named Gertrude. But I remember her and I have honored her by naming my loverly new (last year) stove after her.

What I do NOT remember? What the heck is that little woman on the cutting board my breakfast table? I do NOT remember her. I can only guess that she was a token entity that I needed in order to make my breakfast a perfect little experience.

Here’s to chitchens new and old. Cheers!

4 Responses to “Breakfast in my first chitchen”

  1. Sam Says:

    Love the pull-out cutting board/work surface. So handy. Can’t remember seeing them in a “modern” kitchen. Wine cooler-fridges, but no pull-out counter-like surfaces. LOVE your outfit.

  2. Margaret Says:

    That’s what I would miss–being able to ask the Comm about the little woman. I’m sure she would have remembered. I’m a curious sort!! I have white cabinets too. And I had a little blond girl at one time. 🙂 ( Alison)

  3. Jay Says:

    We have a pull out cutting board in our new kitchen. It is there because we lived on the two pull-outs in the old kitchen.
    This one? I don’t think it has been used once. Of course we have about 3-times the counter space we had in the old kitchen.

  4. Pooh Says:

    I remember the stool!