If I had droven the Ninja, it’d still be at work…

jaffictramThis was a pretty challenging day here on Ice Road Asteroid. Morning was fine even though it snowed to beat the band all morning. We had a meeting with CKL mid-morning, so I worked from home, then schlepped over to the meeting, then off to work. After navigating a two-foot snowdrift to get into work, I was greeted with, “KW is here. It won’t be quiet any more”, in a big booming voice. The ever-lovin’ LSCHP, of course.

The roads were absolutely awful but I was okay driving the Frog Hopper. The GG had the Ninja and hills were challenging for him when he got behind slower traffic but he managed. It’s kind of funny. It’s February and I am finally finding my “snow feet”. Most people were going slowly today, at least on the surface streets, freeways were closed all over because of accidents. Most folks were going slower than I was. I guess those road warriors have finally been humbled by all of the accidents and vee-hickles in snowbanks.

Me? I was doing okay today. Until I left work this afternoon and got stuck in the jaffic tram from hell. What the heck was going on to make the traffic back up this far? When I f-i-n-a-l-l-y got up to where I could see the traffic light, I figgered it out. Somebody in a vee-hickle without decent taaaarrrrs was having a difficult time getting through the short little green light that we get over at Avis Farms because the intersection was a bit slippery and his taaarrrrs didn’t have any traction. He wasn’t the only one. A UPS truck had trouble too. Eeeeeeventually, I got outta Avis Farms and snaked my way home. The snow had stopped hours ago and the sun was shining brightly (as you can see) and my homeward trip was not too bad.

If I had droven the Ninja today, it would still be in my work parking lot.

3 Responses to “If I had droven the Ninja, it’d still be at work…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That looks like a LOT of snow!! I am generally OK except stopping at the bottom of hills. My vehicle is too heavy and I eventually need to apply the brakes. Then it decides if it wants to stop or just slide through the intersection. Glad you both made it home and can now relax. 🙂

  2. Jay Says:

    When I lived in Denver and drove a rear[wheel drive Mustang II I got stuck in an intersection on my way to work. I think it took me three cycles to get going. I really wasn’t blocking too badly as I was in a turn lane. The Mustang was the worst car I had for snow driving.

  3. elizabeth carter Says:

    I love the stories you. write, this is a good one.