Frosty fun

hl2Once upon a time, girl scout troop 505 was working on the Frosty Fun badge. It was a winter not unlike this one and we had to postpone a sledding outing at least twice. Once because it was 15 below (and I am not talking about the wind chill factor) and then it warmed up and everything froze and the sledding hill turned into a sheet of glare ice. I can’t remember if we ever ended up doing that sledding outing or if we just bagged it and had a hot chocolate party instead but I was awarded the Frosty Fun badge, adult edition, after one of the troop members and her mom saw me walking by in minus seven or whatever — for about the fifth time. Pretty good badge and accompanying haul. Everything but liqwire! Oh well.

I schlepped in to Cubeland today but some people, you know, those gubmint slackers, had the Presidents’ Day holiday off. So I came home to a foreign object in my chitchen. A coffee maker. I have not owned a coffee maker in years. We went through a series of “fancy” Krups coffee makers and various cappuccino doodlies, and grinders and whatever. The dern things always broke before I thought their time was up and, at some point, prob’ly around the time I went back to school and then work, I just bagged it. By the time I have taken a shower and finished my Skunk Walk (actually, by the time I get vertical), I do not NEED coffee. If I do, there’s always instant. Or Zingerman’s @PlumMarket a couple blocks away. The beach urchins are a bit pickier about coffee and when Mouse comes over to spend the night at xmas or whenever, she hauls her French press (?) (and half of her kitchen — sourdough starter anyone — and sometimes plants).

This is all okay with me. It works. So when I first saw the NEW coffee maker (wonder how many old ones are in the dungeon), I had to force myself not to panic. As in, “I am going to gut this chitchen in a little over a month and the last thing I want to do is to acquire a whole bunch of new stuff now.” And then I YANKED myself off the ledge. Fer kee-reist! The GG lives here too and if he wants to make coffee in a coffee maker, he is certainly entitled to buy one. It is a small one and I will find a home for it in the New Chitchen. For now it’s just hanging out randomly like everything else that I haven’t already packed away.

I could bore y’all with the weather but I won’t, except to say that with all the big snowpiles around here, this winter reminds me of my childhood winters in the yooperland. When we used to be able to walk on top of the SNOWBANKS to get to school instead of the sidewalks, which were actually plowed by the city. I have been living on the planet for a long time and this is the first time we have had snow like this. We’re supposed to get a bunch more snow overnight. I dunno if we will or not but my troll-land yooper facebook friends are getting all “yoopered up” and I guess I will too. Or maybe I will just work from home. Oops, sorry, I just bored y’all with weather stuff.

3 Responses to “Frosty fun”

  1. Jay Says:

    This gubmint worker worked today.
    We keep our office open, but those that want to work on these open holidays can stay home.
    I think we were probably at about 50%, and part of that was due to at least one of our many school district’s having their winter break this week.
    Of course, the electrician then figured this would be a good day to fix our garage door opener. Luckily, Carl was able to cover the home front, so I could work.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I get MLK day off but worked that day and can take a holiday some other time. Not today. Jay, I’ve tried to email you a couple times and it has bounced. Nothing urgent, just not sure what the deal is. <3 <3 <3

  3. Margaret Says:

    My Krups is at least 18 years old, maybe even older; it has an espresso side and a regular side. Patt got it for me and I love it so much that I will keep it until it dies. I make a very good mocha or latte, but I have a lot of trouble making regular coffee. 🙂