Winter at the Landfill 2014, for posterity

carbecksnowNot the best photoooo. I had already backed the Frog Hopper down to the bottom of the driveway when I decided I *had* to get a photo. This is *probably* the most snow we’ll see this winter. I mean piled up like this. It got over 30 today and sounds like we’ll get a couple days like that. It’ll get colder again and we will get more snow but I think the downhill slide has begun. So I drove the Frog Hopper back up the driveway and got a few pics.

I know that the sidewalk doesn’t look very well cleared (a city ordinance requires people to clear their sidewalks of snow and ice) but I shoveled last night’s snow and it is not slippery. I am the Ice Police and I try to lead by example. That sidewalk is packed snow with salt underneath and I find that whenever I put salt down, it keeps ice from forming for a good long time. I know that salt is questionable for the environment but I do not want to be sued for sending someone to the hoosegow with a concussion or broken bone. Last winter, a Soo woman who had been a friend of The Commander slipped on ice, hit her head, and died I fergit how many hours / days later without regaining consciousness. Check out the Marquis’s blahg for a story about what my cuzzint Pooh (Anne) did to help a neighbor today. (If I lived in St. Louis, I would probably not be the Ice Police. St. Louis gets its share of winter weather but it isn’t anything like what we get here in the Great Lake State.)

Also YAKTRAX YAKTRAX YAKTRAX!!! I wore mine over to the Plum Market Sunday afternoon and a young whippersnapper asked me if I was all right. I think he actually meant something like was I finding everything I needed, but YakTrax are just wee bit unwieldy on most floors and I was walking kind of funny and feeling self-conscious about it. So I explained that to him and showed him what was on the bottom of my boots. He looked at me like I was a little nuts but he ended up being really friendly, probably because *Mouse* was with me. Mouse will probably kill me for saying this on my blahg but the young men who work at the Plum Market are friendly to her in a different way than they are friendly to me. I guess it’s just an age factor. (Ducking!)

The good news? CKL emailed me today and asked if we could start our chitchen renovation on March 24th instead of the 29th. YES YES YES??? YES! She also asked if I needed storage containers (they provide them) for the stuff currently in my chitchen. I told her I would get back to her on that. I am the Queen of Bubble Wrap and I have packed and moved chitchens umpteen times over the last few years. I am an expert and I already have the Landfill Chitchen about 70% packed up. It is MUCH more fun packing up my chitchen for a reno than it was packing up The Comm’s kitchen forever.

One Response to “Winter at the Landfill 2014, for posterity”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think I need to hire you to pack up when I do renovation. I’m still waiting to hear from my bathroom guy. I guess it was a mistake to tell him that THERE WAS NO RUSH. The sidewalk looks scary to me, but I’m not used to that much snow, nor do I have yaktrax. My dad does, but I doubt if he wears them, being a stubborn kind of guy. He’s fallen twice on ice while walking to get his newspaper, so we would really like him to wear them!!