Sometimes it’s the little things that get you through the night (or day (or whatever))

hl1I experienced a wee bit of a dip in spirits over the last 24 hours or so. I had no reason for that. I lead a pretty dern charmed life, knock on wood big time!!! What got me outta that stupid funk?

A loverly Skunk Walk this morning. Warmer than it has been in I can’t think how many weeks but not warm enough (yet) to create a huge mess of rotting, melting snow. As a fellow skunk-walker and I passed each other, he started to warn me that there was ice ahead of me. I lifted up a boot and gleefully said, “I’m wearing YakTrax!” I expected the frequent answer, “What are YakTrax?” Instead I got, “So am I!” High five!

A series of little archaeological digs at work. I mean computer-type digs, I was certainly not out digging in the dirt. I will leave that to Sam (archaeologist, not dog) and Pengo, who does a bit different kind of archaeology than Sam but I think it does sometimes involve digging in the dirt. KW, not so much, but she is a MASTER at ferreting out old computer stuff.

45 degrees when I left work this afternoon meant most of the ice (but not all) had melted in the parking lot and the roads were dry. I still cannot park in My Parking Place. I haven’t been able to park there all winter. There’s a huge snowbank there. Where is my Red-Winged Blackbird…

I walked to the Plum Market this afternoon without boots and YakTrax. Yes! WITHOUT BOOTS AND YAKTRAX! I did not wear bizcaz shoes, I wore my red Keen sandals. Yes, there was ice. Yes, there were ugly mud puddles. I got there and back without incident and without even getting very wet.

As I was walking back to The Landfill, L of Perrynet was parking her car across the street. She THANKED ME!!! For what? For putting a bunch of binders and plastic baskets out on the curb last fall. She is a newly minted kindergarten teacher in town and has put those artifacts to good use in her classroom. I actually remembered that those things were picked up pretty fast. I am very happy about how they are being used.

Making Shell Noodle Casserole for dinner tonight. When I was a beach urchin, The Commander used to make “goulash”. I hated it. I think I hated the name… Fast forward. The Commander made goulash Shell Noodle Casserole for us one time and the dern beach urchins could not get enough of it. Being air-eaters, that was a good thing. I’m making it tonight. I think the GG will eat it. He pretty much eats anything I cook…

Oh yeah! And then there was the Fin Family Moomintroll link that Mouse posted on my facebook timeline today. The Finlayson family that I was born to is Scottish (and other stuff), not Finnish (but who knows who our ancestors mixed it up with). But we love Tove Jannson’s moominfamily books and, if those linens had been available when the beach urchins were young, I definitely would have bought them.

3 Responses to “Sometimes it’s the little things that get you through the night (or day (or whatever))”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My MIL used to make my kids goulash when she watched them; they loved it, but I’ve never been a fan either. Warmer weather, YAY!! I think our spirits dip and climb for unknown reasons sometimes and we just have to go with it. It’s normal.

  2. Sam Says:

    Gorgeous picture. Love the KW world. Hmm; learning—Moomin! Off to request a book or two from the library….

  3. jane Says:

    thundersnow! and total white out.