What we didn’t do today.

icehillWell, first what *did* we do today? I managed to get one more box of kitchen stuff packed up. I’m now down to the point where if I pack anything else up, I will likely be box-diving down in the Landfill Dungeon. In fact, I had to do that yesterday: bamboo skewers for shish-kebab. The strategy is to make a run up to the Uncly Uncle’s house the weekend before our start date to snag the Lyme Lounge out of hibernation. I am starting to get the problem-solving wheels turning in earnest about how I am going to set up my Reno Chitchen, what I will need and what it’ll be possible to cook using the Lyme Lounge cooktop and the gas grill in the back yard. This will be fun! Roight?

I have 33,000 photos in iPhoto! And then there are the albums upon albums and slides and whatnot from the Fin archives. How am I ever going to sort all of that stuff out? I do not know. I know that I do not need to keep all of those photos. My PacNW blahggy friend Margaret got me started on organizing photos again. Or at least thinking about it. At the moment, I am toadily overwhelmed. I need to kick my own dern systems analyst butt! How do you eat an elephant again? (We’ve been eating an elephant at work for at least six years and we are starting to see a dim light at the end of the tunnel.)

We took a drive out into The County. It turned into a kind of reconnaissance drive to check out potential hiking spots. We [again] didn’t bring snowshoes and most of the foot-trails are post-hole city if you’re wearing boots and YakTrax. The GG seemed to need a slow day today but he was talking about fetching the purple kayak from Houghton Lake so we could kayak again. In a month. We’ll see. The river is completely frozen right now, except where there are rapids.

I feel like I didn’t accomplish much today but I guess we all need days like that.

Oh yeah, what did we NOT do today? Well. We did NOT go down the hill in the photoooo. We were moseying along on some of the back roads out in the county and Tiplady Road was a total sheet of ice. It was okay, there was almost no traffic and we were going reeeallly slow (because we were moseying, which we would’ve been doing even if the road wasn’t a sheet of ice) and the Frog Hopper is an AWD vee-hickle with new taaars and anti-lock brakes, which worked very well when the GG tested them — at VERY slow speeds. But then we approached this hill. There was a guy wandering around at the top of it who somehow didn’t look like the average neighborhood walker. And he wasn’t. He flagged us down to say, “DO NOT GO DOWN THAT HILL!!!” He had gone down the [steep] hill and then couldn’t get UP the [steep] hill on the other side. After many attempts to get up one side or the other he ended up in the ditch and apparently it looked like others had come to the same end. We offered a ride but he already had a friend coming to pick him up. No, we did not continue in that direction. Yes, we turned around. I hope that guy got his truck outta there.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It must have been bad for AWD not to work! Ice is impossible though. I want you to know that I am NOT scanning every photo; some of my friends seem to think I was. They are already in albums and fairly organized, although I am a bit lazy about backing up my digital photos on my computer. (from 2005) Up to 2005, I have to scan and before that is mostly when we went on vacation. Ashley graduated from high school in 05, so it became more difficult to do full family trips.