dirtyoldsnowI am a blank. If you are a daily blahgger like me, *this* is one o’ *those* days. Do I need some vacay? I dunno. Maybe? But it isn’t really even that. I mean, right now I am more focused on the Landfill Chitchen Reno. Waiting with great anticipation and hoping I can get away with some occasional telecommuting so I can observe the process first hand. I definitely want to be there when they gut the place. Or maybe not. This chitchen is ugly as all getout but it is highly functional and has served me well in the 30 years (ouch) I have cooked in it. And lived in it. Because that’s where a lot of us moms live. The heart of the home. I am not even being sappy here.

We watched Cool Runnings last night in honor of the Olympics. We watched the Olympics intermittently. I am not a skating fanatic. I enjoy watching the skaters but I don’t like the drama that often accompanies it and I hate when they fall. I am a ski fan (I hate when they fall too). Downhill and jumping and all variations of slalom primarily. That is the winter sport that I understand the most although I was never more than a sorta competent amateur. Oh yeah, I do still ski but it is Michigan-style x-c ski. Very tame and I am cautious about downhills. The bindings on my x-c skis (as old as they are) allow me to do a decent snowplow and I *do* that when I feel like I need to. I learned to snowplow when I was 10 and went to Weber’s Ski School during xmas week. I think that ski school was free and after years of attending it, The Commander signed me up (at 16 or whatever) to teach 8-year-olds how to snowplow down the Bunny Hill at Mission Hill.

I’m toadily off the track here but I’ll never forget when I finally got Good High School Boyfriend to go skiing with me. Bad Boyfriend actually might have liked it but couldn’t afford it, among other things. So, I had visions of teaching Good BF how to ski. Not. Good BF did NOT want to have anything to do with the Bunny Hill. Nosiree! He and his friend went straight to the chair lift and I can’t remember exactly what happened next but it was pretty much a disaster and he split the non-ski-type pants he was wearing and then he and his friend ended up in the bar (the drinking age at that time was 18 and they were 19). I was not happy about that so I walked into the bar (even though I was only 17 and therefore not legal) and gave them hell. That is not why we broke up. That’s a longer story and not blahgable.

But I did end up marrying a guy who skis! He has an identical twin who skis too! We have so much fun!

Where was I? I didn’t watch a whole lot of skiing during the Olympics but we did watch some luge and bobsledding. Hence Netflixing Cool Runnings last night. Cool Runnings seems to be the new thing to hate but we watched it a number of times with the Beach Urchins way back when and I still like it. It is one of the few John Candy movies that I like. Although I respect his talent overall, please do me a favor and do not EVER watch Canadian Bacon!

What did I write and how the heck did I get here?

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Every time I turned on the Olympics, it was an event I don’t care for. I love the skiing and the skating, but I’m not very fond of the luge or the speed skating. So, I mostly didn’t watch!