Things I won’t miss about my Fugly Kitchen #3


See the little metallic thingies there in the sorta mid-upper-left? There is a magnet on the cabinet door that matches up with those. The theory is that, when you close the cabinet door, the magnet sticks to the metallic thingies and the cabinet door stays closed. Right? Roight. In your dreams. Okay, this cute little system does work correctly a lot of the time. In fact probably most of the time. And then all of a sudden it doesn’t. It’s random, kind of like the Chinese water torture. It’s easily fixable, you just have to push in one end or the other of the little metallic thingies. But it is HIGHLY ANNOYING!!! After I do not know how long it’s been that I HAVEN’T HAD this annoying little problem, as soon as we signaled the Big Go-ahead on the new Chitchen, this little system started acting up again.

But then there’s the whole under-sink cabinet in general. I wish I had thought to take a picture of what was inside this cabinet BEFORE I made the GG remove the mousetraps so I could clean it out. I do not know how I missed that. I DO NOT LIKE MOUSETRAPS. I could not tell which ones had already snapped. I knew some of them had because I have accidentally snapped them by rummaging around through all of the STUFF under there and dropping things on them. So they were all in a big tangle. I remember Grandma Sally setting mousetraps and dealing with the results with aplomb down in Fla. (Mouse, five years old, “When Grandma snaps the trap, she puts the mouse outside.” Yes…) I am not good at killing aminals, even the smallest ones. Okay, I slap moe-skee-toes and biting flies with no regrets and I try to dismember ticks!!! Yick!


Anyway, I do not know why I actually CLEANED the surface at the bottom of the cabinet but I did. Hey, I have to live with it the next few weeks. Misewell. Doesn’t look very clean does it?


No evidence of new rodents anywhere (they come and go) but, after this, I found damn rodent turds in the silverware drawer that now “permanently” resides on the table in the chitchen because the GG was unsuccessful in his efforts to put it back into its slot. I don’t think they are new and I don’t know why I didn’t notice them before. Maybe I was blocking them. I think I will have to clean that drawer out and wash everything in it. Again. Why the heck did Amun (or whoever) invent mice again? Oh yeah, because they run the damn universe. Of all people, I should know that.

Oh my!!! The GG has discovered Le Creuset!!! We’ll talk about that some other time!

One Response to “Things I won’t miss about my Fugly Kitchen #3”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can’t wait to see the progress of the kitchen and the repairing of these issues. 🙂 Mice are not as yucky as rats, but still nasty when they get inside.